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Welcome to the official Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing Foundation Meetup for Charlotte, NC!

This Meetup is dedicated to building a strong community around Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies. We host a wide-range of interesting talks for both local professionals, as well as visitors to our beautiful Queen City. Any skill level is welcome, and we encourage all speakers and attendees to be inclusive to new members.

At the end of each session, we'll cover a range of topics that include: CNCF news, local job openings, requests for local cloud native expertise, and anything else that our members would like to discuss or feel that others would be interested in.

Our group follow these core values:

* Inclusivity - Anyone who wishes to help organize, speak, or be a part of our community is welcome.

* Community - We believe in strong community. We want to help others learn, teach, and respect our members.

* Openness - We  believe is open sponsorships, who may cover cost of food, drinks, and location services. However, all of our talks should be neutral. We try to focus on open source technologies, whenever possible, so that people can try and learn on their own.

* Learning - We focus our Meetups on learning new technologies. Many people are giving up their free time to attend our meetups, so we want to have rich content that encourages learning new things that are interesting for our members.

Are you interested in speaking at one of our local Meetups? Please contact our organizers to schedule something. Charlotte is an incredible town, which is beautiful year round. We'd love to have you! Feel free to check out some of our previous sponsors. 

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There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.