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Greetings from CNCF Bihar, a cloud native technology catalyst.

Here at CNCF Bihar, we firmly think that cloud-native computing has the ability to change lives. Our goal is to completely transform the development, deployment, and scalability of programs by utilizing innovations in serverless architecture, observability, microservices, and Kubernetes. Our focus is on examining and debating the constantly changing field of cloud-native technologies.

In the centre of Bihar, take part in the cloud revolution! The mission of the CNCF Bihar Chapter is to enable, uplift, and inform its members so they can fully use cloud-native computing. Our primary goal is to empower our community to develop software solutions that are scalable, durable, and effective for the contemporary cloud age.

We connect local talent with global innovation as an official branch of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Our mission is to support networking, cooperation, and information exchange among individuals and groups interested in cloud-native ecosystems.

We want to establish an atmosphere that is friendly, inclusive, and considerate of every person, irrespective of their origins, identities, or capacities, via our gatherings and activities. We value variety and the depth it adds to our neighborhood.

Come be a part of a dynamic community committed to cloud-native excellence by joining us at CNCF Bihar. We can influence cloud computing's future by working together.

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