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Welcome to Cloud Native Iberia, the recognized CNCF Meetup group that serves as a beacon for cloud-native enthusiasts across Spain, Portugal, and surrounding regions. Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive, vibrant, and diverse community, all united by a passion for cloud-native technologies and methodologies.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cloud-native approaches are revolutionizing how applications are built, deployed, and scaled across various cloud environments. Embracing elements like containers, microservices, and declarative APIs, cloud-native is not just a trend; it's the future.

Our commitment is to create a space where these principles come to life. A space that champions resilience, flexibility, and innovation. With the support of automation, we envision a world where developers can implement transformative changes with confidence and efficiency.

Every Cloud Native Iberia event adheres to the Linux Foundation Code of Conduct, available at. .We prioritize creating a welcoming environment for all, irrespective of their background, experience, or identity.

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Oct 5, 2023


Cloud Native Meetup Madrid

¡Hola! ¿Curiosos sobre tecnologías de la nube? Les invitamos a una tarde con dos charlas prácticas sobre el tema. Alejándonos del jergón técnico, buscaremos entender su aplicación real. Tras las charlas, disfruten de pizzas y bebidas. Una oportunidad ideal para conectar, compartir y aprender. ¡Les esperamos!


Ricardo Noriega

Principal Software Engineer - Office of the CTO
Red Hat

Jona Apelbaum

Field Engineer

Teresa Giner

Software Engineer
Red Hat

Alicia Maroto

Technical Account Manager
Red Hat

Juan Carlos Tovar

Red Hat

Antonio Berben Morales

Field Engineer

Andrea García Gallego

Red Hat

Eduardo Bonilla

Customer Success Engineer