Cloud Native Security, Pakistan



The Cloud Native Security, Pakistan Community is a dynamic and collaborative platform dedicated to addressing the critical intersection of cloud technology and cybersecurity in Pakistan. As organizations across the country increasingly embrace cloud-native architectures, the need for robust security practices becomes paramount.

Our community serves as a knowledge hub, bringing together experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from various sectors to share insights, best practices, and real-world experiences. We understand that the unique technological landscape of Pakistan demands tailored solutions that align with both global cybersecurity standards and local regulatory requirements.

Through insightful discussions, webinars, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, we strive to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities in cloud-native security. From tackling data breaches to ensuring compliance, our community aims to equip Pakistani businesses, government agencies, and individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to secure their cloud environments effectively.

Join us in the journey to fortify Pakistan's digital landscape by fostering a culture of security consciousness and technological advancement within the realm of cloud-native solutions.


Muhammad Farhan Ashraf

DevSecOps Engineer

Syed Naqvi

Security Project Manager

Sharjeel Yunus

Web and Graphics