Deaf in Cloud Native



Welcome to the "Deaf in Cloud Native" Community!

Join the Deaf in Cloud Native Community Group, where we host regular tech meetups in sign language. Whether you sign ASL, ISL, or a mix of various country-specific sign languages, meet our community of (Deaf) signing engineers as we collaborate, share insights, and collectively advance our expertise. 

Who Are We? 

Founded by members of the CNCF Deaf and Hard of Hearing Working Group, this community group is a space for signing deaf professionals and allies passionate about the intersection of cloud computing, containerization, and accessibility. Our community values diversity, equality, and the unique perspectives that deaf individuals bring to the Cloud Native landscape.

How to Join Us?

Hit "join" to stay up-to-date with upcoming events. Whether you're a developer, designer, project manager, or simply curious about Cloud Native, your unique perspective is valued here. If you'd like to participate in our advocacy efforts or just meet more deaf people in cloud native, join our community in the #deaf-and-hard-of-hearing channel on the CNCF Slack.

Upcoming events

19 jun 2024

Online Event (virtual)

Kubernetes in Sign Language: Spinning Up a Cluster

Rob will walk you through a cluster setup on AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

Past events

Online Event (virtual)

Kubernetes in Sign Language: Key Concepts (Part 2)

Online Event (virtual)

Kubernetes in Sign Language: Key Concepts

Online Event (virtual)

Kubernetes in Sign Language: An introduction


Anastasiia Gubska

SRE/DevOps Engineer

Milad Coder

Lead Software Engineer

Catherine Paganini

Head of Marketing