ClickOps over GitOps - Patching Cluster Nodes - From C# to Yaml


Nov 9, 2022, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

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Cloud Native Aalborg Meetup hos CEGO

Cloud Native Aalborg #12Cloud Native Aalborg d. 9 november hos CEGO kl. 17.00 - 20.00

Location: CEGO A/S, Lauritzens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg

We welcome you “Cloud Natives” to the next Meetup, where we have some exciting talks, food and Networking.

ClickOps over GitOps - speaker Laszlo Fogas

The delta between Kubernetes and a developer friendly PaaS is where the next layer of value is being created today. Many products are racing to fill the void that is called Kubernetes developer experience. This is also the place where things get opinionated, a requirement for reliable end to end workflows.

In this talk you will learn about’s approach on how Kubernetes UIs can be quick to use, and safe at the same time.

In this talk you will see how you can create a developer platform - with the usual components Cert-Manager, Nginx Ingress etc - and deploy on it with only clicking on a dashboard. You will also see that behind the curtains, all Gimlet does is writing yamls into a git repository. ClickOps.. over GitOps.

Patching Cluster Nodes using KURED - speaker Jonas van Vliet

Kured (KUbernetes REboot Daemon) is a Kubernetes daemonset that performs safe automatic node reboots when the need to do so is indicated by the package management system of the underlying OS. It watches for the presence of a reboot sentinel file e.g. /var/run/reboot-required or the successful run of a sentinel command and utilises a lock in the API server to ensure only one node reboots at a time. It may optionally defers reboots in the presence of active Prometheus alerts or selected pods and may cordons & drains worker nodes before reboot, uncordoning them after.Speaker

From C# to Yaml: A software engineers introduction to the world of Cloud Native - speaker Casper Benjamin Norspang

The world of cloud native and the world of software development are two very different worlds, with many similarities.

Both usually work by writing some mystical, arcane text in to what the layman would refer to as "the matrix"... To really understand the differences and similarities, one would have to recently have worked with both, which I have!

Laszlo Fogas is the founder of, a 100% open-source gitops based developer platform.

Prior to that, Laszlo spent 5 years consulting, and building dev platforms on Kubernetes for mid-sized SaaS businesses of the Nordics region.

Jonas van Vliet is working as a Senior Software Developer working with Kubernetes, AWS, Prometheus, Grafana, Terraform and Ansible. He has years of experience using Java and Javascript before moving to a platform engineering role.

Casper Benjamin Norspang live in Aalborg with his girlfriend of 6 years, and his small dog. Casper is a trained software engineer from Aalborg University, which i graduated from this summer. Caspers sparetime is primarily used with my girlfriend and dog. Whenever Casper spent time on himself, it is mostly used by playing various games, programming another side-project, which hopefully wont end in the large pile of unfinished projects, or he is messing about with my homeserver



Wednesday, November 9, 2022
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


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