Java on Cloud Native and Grafana Dashboards using Jsonnet and mixins


Feb 7, 3:30 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

An exciting evening in the company of Cloud Native Aalborg with relevant topics such as: - Java on Cloud Native, is that possible - a talk from Jacek Dubikowski Continuing with another great talk by: - Thor Lange about Grafana Dashboards as code using Jsonnet and mixins

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16:30: Doors open, find a seat or network :)

17:00: Welcome by Cloud Native Aalborg

17:05: Welcome by CEGO

17:15: Java. Road to cloud-native by Jacek Dubikowski Senior Software Engineer at Virtuslab

18:00: Break & food

18:30: Grafana Dashboards with Jsonnet and mixins by Thor Lange, Platform Development Specialist @ Netic

19:15 Networking

20:00: Thank you and good night!

Talk #1

Java Road to cloud-native by  Jacek Dubikowski Senior Software Engineer at Virtuslab


Java is not typically associated with being cloud-native. JVM's cold start and memory foodprint try to prove it is not. However, the language creators and library providers have been working on changing the way people see Java. I would love to show you the efforts made and how engineers implement various ideas to amend the perception of the good old Java. So, let's buckle up and drive the road together. Once we are done, the last thing will be to answer whether Java is genuinely cloud-native. Unfortunately, I will leave the answer to every one of you.


Senior Software Engineer at Virtuslab with 6+ years of experience in Java and Kotlin. Interested in many IT-related topics, not only Java and JVM, which is his main focus. Loving talking with other passionate people about software-related stuff. Playing games, especially on Nintendo Switch, playing squash and reading historical books. Having a willingness to learn Rust and Haskell.

Talk #2

Grafana Dashboards with Jsonnet and mixins


A lot of dashboards exists for download and installation into Grafana. But what if you need to customize more than just the dashboard data-source? What if we want to treat dashboards as code? The talk is going to introduce Jsonnet and the concept of Grafana mixins for reusable and customizable Grafana dashboards as code.


Thor Lange is an Experienced architect and developer working where development meets infrastructure. The aim is always to deliver working software that brings business value. But also to build software and infrastructure that allows for efficient operations as well as meets demands of code quality, audit, security and so forth. Using software development principles, such as CI/CD, to automate application build as well as infrastructure.


  • Thor Lange


    Platform Specialist

  • Jacek Dubikowski


    Senior Software Engineer



Wednesday, February 7, 2024
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Camilla Larsen



  • Simon Bengtsson



  • Niels Wittrup Andersen



  • Allan Hoejgaard Jensen


    Platform Development Specialist


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