Securing custom LLMs using HashiCorp Vault and Tools Parade


May 23, 2:30 – 6:00 PM

In-person event

Securing LLMs

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16:30: Doors open, find a seat or network :)

17:00: Welcome by Cloud Native Aalborg

17:05: Welcome by Netic

17:10: Securing custom LLMs using HashiCorp Vault

18:00: Break & food

18:30: Tools Parade

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Securing custom LLMs using HashiCorp Vault
Nic Jackson from HashiCorp

Building custom Large Language Models (LLM) using private data dramatically benefits your business by allowing the model to understand specific documents and data unavailable in public datasets. However, there are issues with this approach; one problem is how you secure the data used to train the dataset, and another is how you ensure that this data remains private, specifically when using the public cloud. Secondly, how do you ensure that your compiled models are tamper-proof and have not been manipulated by a hostile actor? This talk will show you how to solve both problems using HashiCorp Vault, and how to do it using common Kubernetes patterns that you are used to. You will learn how to install Vault onto your own server using the Helm, how to install the operator, and all the configuration you need to secure and configure Vault. We will wrap up all this in a healthy layer of fun, and as a takeaway, you can try these techniques on your own using the interactive workbook provided at the end of the session.

Speaker Bio:
Nic Jackson is a developer advocate at HashiCorp and has over 25 years of industry experience working with and creating open-source software and distributed systems. One of his core interests is system connectivity and reliability. Nic is the CNCF TAG Network co-chair and a published author working on his second book, Service Mesh Patterns for O'Reilly Media.

Tools Parade
The organisers are showing a couple of tools that we use for working with Cloud Native and Kubernetes and why we think it is useful.
This part of the event is an open part, which means that you can show your tool, og mention your tool and why it is useful for you.
Please  send a message to us -  mention the name of the tool, maybe a link to the tool and the time you need to tell about it.

This will be the last event before summer and we are looking forward to seeing you again after summer.



Thursday, May 23, 2024
2:30 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


2:30 PMDoors open
3:00 PMWelcome
3:05 PMWelcome by Host
3:10 PMSecuring custom LLMs using HashiCorp Vault
4:00 PMFood
4:30 PMTools Parade
6:00 PMGoodbye


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