Paving the path to production with Backstage/TAP & Cartographer

Mjølner Informatics - 10 Finlandsgade Aarhus, 8200 - View Map Aarhus
Thu, Jun 1, 4:30 PM (CEST)

Want to learn more about how to pave the path to production for your developers?

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16:30 – Doors open
17:00 – Welcome by Cloud Native Aarhus
17:10 – Welcome by Mjølner by Torben Haagh, Mjølner Informatics
17:15 – “Backstage/TAP - same same, but different” by Robert Jensen, VMware
18:00 – Break with food
18:30 – “Cartographer - Build Cloud Native Supply Chains” by Thor Anker Kvisgård Lange, Netic
19:15 – Networking
20:00 – Doors closes

TALK #1: "Backstage/TAP - same same, but different" by Robert Jensen, VMware

A talk about having a developer platform with Backstage, and/or Tanzu Application platform.

What do they do ? Where do they both fit in and what does they look like? (demo time)


Robert Jensen, is a Lead systems engineer, working for VMware’s Modern application platform.

TALK #2: "Cartographer - Build Cloud Native Supply Chains" Thor Anker Kvisgård Lange, Netic

Many classic tools for build automation has roots in solving the problem of continous integration and does so well with orchestration based principles. Over time we extended the use of these tools to a lot more than just continuous integrations. But what if we wanted to defined a shared “path to production” to help ensure compliance and common standards. And what if we furthermore took a choreographed approach where components of the pipeline reacted to events from each other instead of being orchestrated. Cartographer is a tool aimed at a choreographed approach to defining a “path to production” observing seggration of duty when building and deploying our workloads.


Thor Lange is an Experienced architect and developer working where development meets infrastructure. The aim is always to deliver working software that brings business value. But also to build software and infrastructure that allows for efficient operations as well as meets demands of code quality, audit, security and so forth. Using software development principles, such as CI/CD, to automate application build as well as infrastructure.



Thursday, Jun 1
4:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CEST)


Mjølner Informatics
10 Finlandsgade Aarhus8200


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