Server-side WebAssembly & LEGO's experiences running k8s


Feb 27, 2023, 3:00 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

We are super excited to kick of the new year in Cloud Native Aarhus with two very exciting talks and a fun contest with LEGO!

About this event

16:00: Doors open & networking
16:30: Welcome by OrbitLab & Cloud Native Aarhus
16:40: Welcome by Fermyon Technologies
16:45: “Service-side WebAssembly with Spin” by Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj, Head of DevRel at Fermyon Technologies
17:30: Break with Sandwich
18:00 “LEGO - A container has fallen into the river of LEGO City - Start the rescue helicopter” by Lukas Aldershaab, Engineer, and Thomas Øther Rasmussen, Engineer at LEGO
18:45: LEGO Contest - Let’s build some Cloud Native project logos
19:30: Networking
20:00: Thank you for today! Goodnight!


“Service-side WebAssembly with Spin” By Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj, Head of DevRel at Fermyon Technologies

Microservices are serving us well in many ways. But in some ways, we can do better. Having learned a bit from Functions as a Service, containers, and now WebAssembly, we can rethink some of our assumptions and perhaps devise a better way for creating microservices. In this session, we introduce server-side WebAssembly and shows how it addresses common developer problems. From maintainability of code to security to operational simplicity, WebAssembly is the technology that lets us build better microservices faster.

Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj is leading the product and developer relationship teams at Fermyon. He has a long background in product management, customer success, and developer engagement at Microsoft, working on products such as Service Fabric, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Instances, Azure Container Apps and the open-source project Virtual Kubelet. He’s passionate about developer and operator experiences, with a mission to make the path from idea to reality frictionless and quick. Mikkel lives in a tiny and beautiful village in Denmark.

“A container has fallen into the river of LEGO City - Start the rescue helicopter” By Lukas Aldershaab, Engineer at LEGO, and Thomas Øther Rasmussen, Engineer at LEGO

This is a tale about a passion project that hit overwhelming success internally at LEGO, it was promoted as the future compute platform of all of LEGO and was destined for greatness!
Then it hit numerous unexpected road-bumps and the once-great an innovative machinery rusted away, destabilising the platform over time.
We will discuss the challenges of building a platform in the LEGO Group, some war-stories about issues that popped up while the platform was rusting away and finally we will show you the key changes we made to bring the platform stability back in a short amount of time.

Thomas is a 27 year old Kubernetes engineer who’s working at the LEGO Group’s Container Platform team. His handling of the fires, that arises in such a platform, is only slightly outdone by his handling of a flambéed sirloin steak.
To him, the arts of cooking and engineering go hand in hand.

Lukas is a 29 year old engineer at the LEGO Group. He’s passionate about everything that is involved in software engineering, his holistic views on software is used for root causing and mending production, management as well as workflow issues.
He lives in Bryrup with two kids, and enjoys spending time on house renovation, game development and low-level cooking.

LEGO has been kind to sponsor some classic LEGO bricks - and we will see who can build the coolest Cloud Native project logo!

If you have issues finding the venue, check out this video for instructions on how to find it.

There's free parking in the area around the venue.


  • Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj

    Fermyon Technologies

    Head of DevRel

  • Lukas Aldershaab



  • Thomas Øther Rasmussen





Monday, February 27, 2023
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Kasper Borg Nissen


    Lead Organizer

  • Rasmus Steiniche


    Lead Organizer

  • Ophelia Zhang Dalsgaard

    Danske Bank

    Squad & Chapter Lead

  • Henrik Høegh


    Digital Platform Owner

  • Henrik Løvborg

    Red Hat

    Tech Sales Lead Denmark

  • Stefan Daugaard


    Area Tech Lead

  • Ryan Gough

    Senior IT Operations Specialist / Platform at JYSK

  • Kasper Tygesen

    OK a.m.b.a.

    Chief Solutions Architect




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