Supercharge your Platform with Carvel & Unleashing Resilience with Generative AI


Dec 5, 2023, 3:30 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

Join us for an exciting evening of two great talks on how to supercharge your platform using Carvel and unleash resilience with Generative AI and LitmusChaos.

About this event

16:30: Doors open
17:00: Welcome by Cloud Native Aarhus
17:10: Welcome by our host - Danske Bank
17:15: “Supercharge your Kubernetes Platform with Carvel” by Thomas Vitale, Systematic
18:00: Break with food
18:30: "Unleashing Resilience: LitmusChaos Meets Generative AI" by Jaap Brasser, CodiumAI
19:15: The Super Cloud Native Christmas Quiz - 2023 version
20:00: Doors closes

TALK 1: “Supercharge your Kubernetes Platform with Carvel” by Thomas Vitale, Systematic
Working with Kubernetes and building a secure platform on top of it is challenging. First, you’ll need a way to group Kubernetes resources and apply changes predictably. Are you sure you approved all the changes reconciled by Kubernetes? I’ll demonstrate how that’s often not true.

Your apps will require a different configuration across environments. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to use both templating and overlays that is also maintainable and YAML-native? What about air-gapped environments? You’ll need to distribute and relocate manifests and OCI artifacts safely.

And when building an internal platform, you’ll need to package all the different capabilities in an efficient and composable API, supporting GitOps and providing extensibility. This session will present a modular strategy with Carvel to solve those issues and help you improve your cloud native strategy on Kubernetes.

Thomas Vitale is a software engineer and architect focused on building cloud native, resilient, and secure applications and platforms. He works at Systematic (Denmark) and is the author of “Cloud Native Spring in Action” (Manning). Thomas likes contributing to open source projects in the Java and cloud native space (Spring, Carvel, Cartographer, Buildpacks, TAG App Delivery), and sharing knowledge with the community. His speaking gigs include KubeCon+CloudNativeCon, KCD, Devoxx, and GOTO.

TALK 2: "Unleashing Resilience: LitmusChaos Meets Generative AI" by Jaap Brasser, CodiumAI
Dive into the synergy of Chaos Engineering and Generative AI in this focused session, emphasizing the transformation of system robustness. We'll spotlight LitmusChaos, a leading open-source tool in Chaos Engineering, and explore its integration with Generative AI to elevate infrastructure resilience. Understand how LitmusChaos, paired with the predictive and adaptive capabilities of Generative AI, creates a potent combination for preemptive failure identification and system fortification in Kubernetes environments.

Through concise demonstrations and real-world scenarios, witness the harmonious interplay between these two technological forces. Gain insights into enhanced chaos workflows, observability, and scheduling, all augmented by AI's analytical prowess. Leave armed with practical knowledge on harnessing this integrated approach for unparalleled system resilience and proactive infrastructure strengthening.

Jaap Brasser is a Developer Advocate and a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Azure MVP award. He has a big passion for open-source, CI/CD and automation and whenever he is not writing his next script or module, he spends his time fiddling around with APIs.


  • Thomas Vitale


    Software Engineer & Architect

  • Jaap Brasser


    Senior Developer Advocate



Tuesday, December 5, 2023
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Kasper Borg Nissen


    Lead Organizer

  • Rasmus Steiniche


    Lead Organizer

  • Ophelia Zhang Dalsgaard

    Danske Bank

    Squad & Chapter Lead

  • Henrik Høegh


    Digital Platform Owner

  • Henrik Løvborg

    Red Hat

    Tech Sales Lead Denmark

  • Stefan Daugaard


    Area Tech Lead

  • Ryan Gough

    Senior IT Operations Specialist / Platform at JYSK

  • Kasper Tygesen

    OK a.m.b.a.

    Chief Solutions Architect


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