Cloud Native Environmental Sustainability Week - Amsterdam


Oct 9, 2023, 3:30 – 7:30 PM

In-person event

Graciously sponsored by Container Solutions

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For the CNCF Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2023 we have the pleasure to host a local meetup all centred around how to make Cloud Native Software more sustainable. Join us at Container Solutions (which we thank profusely for offering their space in such a short notice!) for an evening of brainstorming, learning and discussing how to make our jobs and code more eco-friendly and more respectful of our planet (there's not planet B).


17.30 - Doors open

18:00 - Food&drinks

18.30 - First talk - Donald Nikkessen, Aris Ampatziadis

19.15 - Second talk - Sohan Maheshwar

19:45 - Third talk: Henk van der Valk

20:10 - Fourth talk: David Kohnstamm

20:35 - Lighting talks/open discussion

21:30 - End + going to a cafe'

(the agenda may change, please contact us on Slack or via email at if you wish to have a talk, lighting or full).

First talk:

Title: Moving towards carbon efficient cloud projects


Did you know that nowadays the Cloud emits more CO2 than the airline industry? Luckily, as an industry, we are developing more and more tools and methods for measuring our (Cloud) emissions so we can do something about that. In our talk we will show you how we used already available tooling from the Google Cloud to gain insight into the carbon footprint of’s cloud services, and we will discuss strategies on how to reduce it. Join us to learn how you can start reducing your carbon footprint today!

Speakers: Donald Nikkessen, Aris Ampatziadis

Duration: 15-20 mins

Second talk

Title: A Greener, Cost-Effective Cloud with Serverless WebAssembly

Abstract: Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) quantifies emissions from an application, combining operational and hardware emissions. Serverless functions reduce operational emissions by running apps on-demand, but faces cold-start delays. WebAssembly (Wasm) offers a solution to cold-start issues with near-instant startup, akin to containers but more efficiently. Wasm modules are just as secure as containers with default sandboxing, yet they start almost instantly (in microseconds). In this session, we discuss why Wasm is the ideal & greenest unit of compute for Serverless applications and how you can get started using Serverless Wasm with Spin - an open source developer tool. We’ll demo running AI inferencing Spin applications and discuss how it also enables better GPU resource sharing. By the end, you’ll have an understanding of the characteristics that make Wasm a cost-effective and sustainable unit for a greener cloud.

Bio: Sohan Maheshwar is a Lead Developer Advocate at Fermyon, based in the Netherlands. He started his career as a developer building bespoke mobile apps and has worked in the developer relations space since 2013, in companies such as Amazon, Gupshup and InMobi. He has always been interested in emerging technologies and how it shapes the world around us.

Third talk:

TitleMicrosoft Azure GreenOps made simple with CloudXcellence

Abstract: Join us for an enlightening session where we unravel the hidden environmental footprint of your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure usage and its vital link to optimization.

Dive deep into the world of sustainability as we get started and explore the intricacies of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Discover the innovative approach of CloudXcellence when it comes to measuring and managing your cloud's environmental impact. We'll even treat you to a quick live demo, so you can witness how to turn insights into cleanup actions within seconds.

Unleash the power of responsible computing and discover how easy it is to clean up your digital footprint with the right tools and insights. Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet while optimizing your cloud infrastructure with some practical and high impact tips!.

Bio: Henk is a well-known Subject matter expert from his contributions in IT efficiency over the past decades. His efforts resulted in various world records like hosting 'most gamers on a single server' to ETL data loading Terabytes of data - fast. Lately his primary focus is to help customers optimize and operate their Azure cloud environments sustainable with GreenOps, in a fun way too!

Fourth talk

Title: How to cut through the noise and look at the physics behind cloud sustainability.

Abstract: We'll look at the actual footprint of a VM or a GPU for a year with back of the envelope math, show how easy it is to break down the tools from AWS/Azure/GCP in simple terms they tend to hide. And look at the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and how they apply to cloud native. In other words: Cloud sustainability sans the bullshit.  

Bio: David is a co-founder, resident thermodynamics expert, and chief sustainability officer at Leafcloud. With his experience building servers and all things thermal, he helps shape our vision and designs our Leaf sites, transforming server heat into a reusable resource. Outside of work, David is a keen cycle-smith, proud father of two, and an avid board gamer.

Lighting talks:

- Alessandro Vozza ( Ambient Mesh for greening your cluster networking (5 minutes)


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Monday, October 9, 2023
3:30 PM – 7:30 PM UTC


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