Cloud Native Asturias Mar'22

Cloud Native Asturias

Mar 26, 2022, 9:00 – 11:30 AM

Hybrid event

Welcome to the Cloud Native Asturias Mar'22 event! The very first mixed on-site and virtual event! Register now for attending in person or connect virtually from

About this event

Welcome to the Cloud Native Asturias Mar'22 event! On this occasion, we have four amazing speakers that bring to the table their cloud-related talks.

If you want to attend in person, please register for this event (limited tickets available). You will get a free ticket that you will have to show at the entrance on the day of the event.

If you plan to attend virtually, just connect to!

Note: All talks will be driven in English

The Swag of Performance Testing

Almudena Vivanco González, Senior Performance Engineer @ SCRM Lidl International Hub, Spain

Does swagger sound familiar? For sure it does! In recent years, many developers use the tool to generate documentation of their APIs and in this talk with Almudena, you’ll see how to use swagger as a data source and how to easily generate performance tests clients. It's like a magic trick!.

After having attended this talk with Almudena, you will gain an understanding of a quick, agile and simple way to generate performance tests to test API Rest. You will also see that you do not need to be a performance expert to start running performance tests.

MS SQL Server Azure Cloud overview

Hector Dobao, Team Lead @ European Patent Office

Cloud systems have widely evolved since some years ago. MSSQL Server as the main Database Management System by Microsoft have done it too. Now we are in transition to a new DBMS hybrid model between physical and private on-premises infrastructures and public cloud world. The main aim of this presentation is to introduce you into this MS SQL Server Azure Cloud world with a quick overview about which services MS Azure offers for MSSQL Databases and how could we fit this into the cloud ecosystem of resources available depending on what our MSSQL DB system demands.

Level up your Terraform workflow with GitOps, cost visibility & policy compliance

Roberto Devesa, Platform Staff Engineer @

Roberto will demonstrate how to leverage GitHub features and open source tools like Atlantis, Infracost and Conftest in order to create a workflow for Terraform that enables collaboration, increases visibility on changes, provides costs estimations and ensures compliance against policies.

Welcome to the RUM BAR

Bart Veenstra, Director of Technology Prototyping @ Backbase

How to aggregate data from multiple datadog instances into a data lake and create aggregated reports to gain insight in the real performance of your apps. Bart is Director of Technology Prototyping at Backbase and focusses on doing research of new products, paradigms and technologies to excel banking to new levels.


  • Almudena Vivanco González

    SCRM Lidl International Hub, Spain

    Senior Performance Engineer

  • Hector Dobao Solis

    European Patent Office

    Team Lead

  • Roberto Devesa

    Platform Staff Engineer

  • Bart Veenstra


    Director of Technology Prototyping



Saturday, March 26, 2022
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM UTC


9:00 AMWelcome!
9:10 AMSponsor introducction
9:15 AMThe Swag of Performance Testing
9:40 AMMS SQL Server Azure Cloud overview
10:05 AM10 minutes Break
10:15 AMLevel up your Terraform workflow with GitOps, cost visibility & policy compliance
10:40 AMWelcome to the RUM BAR
11:05 AMWrap up!


  • David Suárez

    Engineering Director


  • Marcos Fermín Lobo


    Software Engineer | Team Lead

  • Angel Suarez Fernandez

    Lead Organizer

  • Andrés Torres García


    Director of Backend

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