Cloud Native Asturias May'22

Cloud Native Asturias

May 25, 2022, 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Hybrid event

Welcome to the Cloud Native Asturias May'22 event! The very first mixed on-site and virtual event! Register now for attending in person or connect virtually from

About this event

Welcome to the Cloud Native Asturias May'22 event! On this occasion, we have four amazing speakers that bring to the table their cloud-related talks.

If you want to attend in person, please register for this event (limited tickets available). You will get a free ticket that you will have to show at the entrance on the day of the event.

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Note: All talks will be driven in English

Generating Kubernetes manifests using Dekorate

Aurea Muñoz Hernandez, Software engineer @ Red Hat

Dekorate offers a collection of Java annotations and processors aiming to generate during the compilation of your application the Kubernetes manifests. It will make your life even easier because you will not even need to edit the JSON and YAML files. You can use java annotations, an file or combine both for customizing the manifests. In this session I will show you how easy is to create the Kubernetes manifests to deploy your microservices in the container platform with Dekorate, don't miss it!

Database as a service with Atlas MongoDB

Saúl González Llaneza, CTO @ ebroker

Let's talk about Atlas, the multi-cloud noSQL database service powered by MongoDB. A quick tour explaining how we improve our Time to market using Atlas. Deploy new clusters into production, scale database resources, setup backup policies, manage users, roles and privileges, apply the latest security updates or check real time metrics to improve database performance become easy tasks using Atlas MongoDB.

Kubernetes CRD intro handson

Bertrand Noel, Software Engineer @ Nexthink

In this session, Bertrand Noel will introduce the Kubernetes Custom Resources Definitions. All together, we'll walk through about What it is, what are some of the use cases, and how it works. Also in this session, you can expect not only chatting but also examples, from the very basics to more advanced ones.

Insights Advisor for Red Hat OpenShift

Juan Díaz Suárez, Data Engineer @ Red Hat

Let's understand what OpenShift is and how to automatically gather recommendations about your workloads. This talk is aimed at both beginners and experts of Kubernetes willing to know more about this managed service.


  • Aurea Muñoz Hernandez

    Red Hat

    Software engineer

  • Saúl González Llaneza



  • Bertrand Noel


    Software Engineer

  • Juan Díaz Suárez

    Red Hat

    Data Engineer



Wednesday, May 25, 2022
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM UTC


4:30 PMWelcome!
4:40 PMSponsor introducction
4:45 PMGenerating Kubernetes manifests using Dekorate
5:05 PMDatabase as a service with Atlas MongoDB
5:30 PM10 minutes Break
5:40 PMKubernetes CRD intro handson
6:05 PMInsights Advisor for Red Hat OpenShift
6:30 PMWrap up!


  • Marcos Fermín Lobo


    Software Engineer | Team Lead

  • Angel Suarez Fernandez

    Lead Organizer

  • Andrés Torres García


    Director of Backend


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