Kubernetes Athens vol11

BUSINESS COLLEGE OF ATHENS S.A. - Leof. Alexandras 205 Athina - View Map Athens
Thu, Feb 6, 2020, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

We are pleased to announce the 11th Athens Kubernetes Meetup with two great talks:

"Kubernetes and Elastic - From Operation to Observability" by Christos Markou from Elastic

Summary: In this session we will provide a full overview of how one can
achieve Kubernetes observability with Elastic stack and what is the recommended way to achieve this.
- Starting with ECK (Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes), the official Kubernetes operator for the Elastic stack.
- Showing the easiness of deploying Elasticsearch and Kibana on k8s using the operator.
- Deploying Metricbeat and Filebeat and show how observability is built on top of them.
- Metric/File{beat} deployment strategies easily combined with ECK.
- Kubernetes specific features to get the most out of you k8s workloads.
- On the fly visualizations and pod/application autodiscover.
Live demo included.

About Christos Markou:
Systems and software engineer. Passionate about distributed systems and cloud technologies. Hands-on experience in web services, cloud computing and large systems architecture. Open source enthusiast with various contributions in high class projects. Currently working on Observability Integrations with Beats open source project. Messing around with k8s, containers (and more...) and golang.

"Netdata: Monitoring At The Edge for Cloud Native Architectures" by Dimosthenis Kaponis from Netdata

Summary: Netdata started as a personal experiment, turned into a very popular open source project and is now on the cusp of its latest evolution into a full-fledged platform, aiming to enable collaborative, real-time observability for the systems of the 2020s. In this talk we'll discuss its history, its expanding role and the characteristics that separate it from the pack. We will focus on how Netdata currently works with orchestrated container systems as well as our roadmap for 2020.

About Dimosthenis Kaponis:
Dimosthenis is Netdata’s Chief Technology Officer, leading the company's globally dispersed engineering organization. Prior to Netdata, Dimosthenis held several leadership positions at Beat, a ride-hailing provider based in Athens. Before Beat, Dimosthenis founded his company, Cosmical Technology, where he created AthensBook and ThessBook. Dimosthenis holds an M.Eng in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London where he also pursued a Ph.D before dropping out to work in the industry.

Many thanks to our sponsors:
- The venue is offered by Code.Hub - codehub.gr [1]
- For the pizza and beer we have Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu to thank [2]

[1] https://www.codehub.gr/
[2] https://ubuntu.com/kubernetes


Thursday, Feb 6
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EET)


Leof. Alexandras 205 Athina