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Tue, Nov 6, 2018, 7:00 PM (EET)

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Georgios Andrianakis

Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat. Working on the Spring Boot team, part of the Red Hat Openshift Application Runtimes platform. 7 years of professional experience as a Backend Developer and DevOps Engineer. Msc. Computer Engineering - National Technical University of Athens, University of Athens

Introduction to Istio Service Mesh

Kubernetes is fast becoming the standard PaaS for operating production grade microservices. Despite all the great features that it brings to the table, there are if fact aspects of production grade microservices' operations that are not fully addresses by Kubernetes. Istio Service Mesh attempts to fill this gap, and judging by the enthusiastic support by the major organization behind it's development it could well become a must have compliment to Kubernetes.


Nikos Zois

Nikos Zois is a software engineer from Accepted working in the area of IOT @ InAccess. He is building UI interfaces using React and Angular and integrates different APIs using GOLang or JavaScript as part of bigger applications. In June he completed his Diploma Thesis at University of Ioannina about Unikernels and their possible integrations with currently available services for Linux (Redis, Apache Cassandra, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Apache Tomcat & NodeJS).

We will talk about Unikernels an alternative operating system architecture for cloud based applications. What are they? What they are not? How easy is to integrate currently available Linux services? Finally, will see the results of the benchmark tests that he did as part of his Diploma Thesis and together we will evaluate it.

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Tuesday, Nov 6
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EET)


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