Kubernetes Atlanta May 2024 Meetup


May 30, 10:30 PM – May 31, 12:30 AM

Hybrid event

About this event

This is a hybrid meetup. In person and virtual via Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar Link: Will be posted closer to date

7:00 - General announcements and news

7:15 - Two-node HA Kubernetes for edge computing cost savings - Tyler Gillson, Principal Software Engineer @ Spectro Cloud

When you’re scaling production K8s workloads to hundreds or thousands of edge sites, you know you need HA — but with conventional 3-node architectures, the hardware costs can be terrifying. This talk presents a new architecture for 2-node HA that gives you the resilience you need, and 33% cost savings.

We'll cover:

- The challenge: real end user examples from hospitals, coffee shops and factory floors where 3-node HA proved problematic

- The problem space: existing alternatives such as external data stores and ‘witnesses’ — and why they fall short

- The blueprint: a new OSS-based 2-node HA design built on kairos, k3s, kine, and postgres

- Tradeoffs: when and where 2-node makes sense and how it stacks up against traditional 3-node k8s.

Tyler is a programmer and a problem solver, with 6 years of experience designing, discussing, and building complex systems in a multitude of languages. His technical interests lie in cloud computing, automation, declarative infrastructure and application configuration for distributed systems. When he isn’t building things, Tyler can often be found playing with rocks: scrambling, climbing, and mountain biking.

8:00 - TBD


If you are interested in speaking at a future event, please reach out to us by emailing k8satl@gmail.com

****Location Info/Parking****

The GA Tech ATDC is located within the Centergy building. Please park within the Centergy Parking Deck. This is likely paid parking, but we are working to see if we can get validation for the event.

The Meetup will been the 2nd floor

Sponsors: Calendly, GA Tech ATDC, Speedscale


  • Tyler Gillson

    Spectro Cloud

    Principal Software Engineer



May 30 – 31, 2024
10:30 PM – 12:30 AM UTC


Meet & Greet
General Announcements & News
An Introduction to Dagger. A brief overview of Dagger, how to build modules, and how to use Dagger with K8s


  • Alex Barnes

    Head of Cloud Infrastructure at Calendly

  • Joseph Searcy

    Staff Engineer at Intel


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