Cloud-Native Auckland - Kick-off 2023


Mar 28, 2023, 3:30 – 6:00 AM

In-person event

About this event

Kia ora everyone!

We are pleased to announce our first event of 2023 with three stellar sessions for you! Whether you are an experienced professional, a student, a recent graduate, or an enthusiast of cloud and modern software technologies, this upcoming event is for you and we look forward to seeing you all there!


Principles for a Cloud Native Platform | Everett Toews, Specialist Director / Deloitte

Build and manage your cloud native data stack on kubernetes using open source technology | Miles Garnsey - Platform Architect - DataStax & Krishnan Narayana Swamy - Principal Data Engineer - DataStax

High Performance Messaging in the Cloud | Michael Barker, Director/Software Engineer, Ephemeris Consulting Ltd

When: Tuesday, 28 March - 4:30pm to 7:10pm (NZT)

Where: Deloitte New Zealand - Level 18, 80 Queen Street, Auckland.


4:30 / Doors open + Networking + Pizzas & drinks.

5:15 / Welcome & community updates [Chris Mazur]

5:25 / Principles for a Cloud Native Platform [Everett Toews]

5:50 / Build and manage your cloud native data stack on kubernetes using open source technology [Miles Garnsey & Krishnan Narayana Swamy]

6:15 / High Performance Messaging in the Cloud [Michael Barker]

6:40 Close up & networking

7:10 Event ends.

Talk abstracts:

Principles for a Cloud Native Platform

A platform is a self-service internal product fit for purpose to an organisation to accelerate releases that get quality features, fixes, and security patches into production reliably. It’s a composition reliant on an evolving mix of culture, product management, support, security, and technology to be successful. Everything that dev, sec, ops, and test do on the platform is in service of getting releases out to end users and getting feedback. The value is increased efficiency, reduced risk, and accelerated innovation.

This presentation dives into a vision of the principles necessary to successfully build a Cloud Native platform.


Build and manage your cloud native data stack on kubernetes using open source technology

Join us to discuss our open source contributions at the intersection of Kubernetes, Apache Cassandra and Apache Pulsar - including cass-operator (for orchestrating Apache Cassandra Datacenters), kassandra-operator (for multi-cluster, multi-DC use cases with auxiliary support applications), Reaper (a repair service) and Medusa (a backup service).

Delve into case studies exploring the pitfalls of distributed data on Kubernetes, and get an insider's view of what's coming from the innovators who are creating next-generation architectures and infrastructure. And you'll learn how to:

Manage different data use cases on Kubernetes

Reduce costs and simplify application development

Leverage data infrastructure to create new use cases and business models

Make data infrastructure choices that are cost-efficient, secure, scalable, and elastic


High Performance Messaging in the Cloud

The Aeron project aims to produce the highest performing distributed systems framework for both on premise and cloud deployments.  In this talk Michael will highlight some of the interesting features that have been added to Aeron specifically to make it work well in cloud environments.  We aim to cover multi-node distribution, DNS and host naming, fault tolerance, and extensions to achieve optimal performance.



Tuesday, March 28, 2023
3:30 AM – 6:00 AM UTC


  • Chris Mazur


  • Chris Mazur

    Founder Cloud Native Summit


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