Meetup 2020 #1: Grokking Cloud Native Data Management Landscape

Shubharam Complex - 144, Mahatma Gandhi Rd Bengaluru - View Map Bangalore Kubernetes and Cloud Native Data Management
Sat, Jan 25, 2020, 10:00 AM (IST)

About this event

Join us on Jan 25th 2020 as we kick-start Bangalore Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Data Management meetup of cloud-native data enthusiasts :)

The goal of this meetup is to network with your fellow cloud-native enthusiasts, users and enterprises and discuss cloud-native data stories.

The talks will be focused on experiences from experts, users and enterprises on their use-cases, implementation knit picks and challenges as they reveal a wide range of data management stories on Kubernetes.

We would love to hear your experiences! It could be about managing and scaling your databases, using operators, using Local PV or networked storage, implementing data security, and anything-everything related to data management on Kubernetes.

- Intro to Data Management and Linux Foundation Initiatives (Kiran/Sanil, CNCF Project Maintainers and SODA foundation TOC)
- Use case : Migrating micro services to Kubernetes at Rapido ( Sandeep, SRE, Rapido )
- Use case : Lessons learned while moving stateful services to Kubernetes at Lenskart (Rajdeep Bhattacharya, Sr. Technical Lead Devops at
- Technology - What, why and How of Timeseries database for kubernetes - (Saiyam Pathak, Software Engineer/SRE, Walmart LAbs)
- Tools/Solution - CI/CD development on Kubernetes made easy by Skaffold (Suman, Senior Devops Engineer @ SAP Labs.)
- Tools/Solution - Introducing Linode Object store (Rajie, Developer Advocate/Technical Writer, Linode)

We are always looking forward to hearing end-user stories / challenges and solutions. This is your open platform to share. Please fill in the following CFP form if you would like to speak at this event of any of the upcoming events.

We are always looking for new venues to host the events. If you would like to host any upcoming event, please reach out to us over DM or using the comments.


Saturday, Jan 25
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (IST)


Shubharam Complex
144, Mahatma Gandhi Rd Bengaluru