Open Source Community Conference(OSCONF) - An Online Virtual Event

About this event

Open Source Community Conference(OSCONF) is an effort to bring all the open source communities together to share their experience around DevOps tools & technologies.

Below are the list of Meetup groups who are coming together to organize this Meetup event:

Rancher - Rancher is a complete software stack for teams adopting containers. It addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters, while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads.

InfluxDb - InfluxDB is the open source time series database that is part of the TICK (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, Kapacitor) stack. It is designed to handle high write and query loads and provides a SQL-like query language called InfluxQL for interacting with data.

Okteto Cloud :- Okteto lets you build better applications by developing and testing your code directly in Kubernetes: code locally with the tools you know and love . Run and debug directly in Okteto Cloud . No Commit , build or push required

Below listed leading Meetup communities are coming together for the first time to conduct full-day event for FREE !

Name of Meetup Communities:
1. Docker Bangalore Meetup
2. India Rancher Meetup Group
3. Time Series Meetup Group
4. Okteto Bangalore Meetup Group
5. Cloud Native Data Management Group


- Improving CI-CD With Chaos Engineering on Redis Applications – Kiran Mova, Co-Founder, Cheif Architect, MayaData
- Message broker implementation in Kubernetes using KubeMq – Suman Chakraborty, SAP Labs
- Demystifying Istio for Kubernetes – Prashansa Kulsrestha, Postman
- Demystifying Time Series Database & Rancher – Saiyam Pathak, Walmart Labs
- Awesome Traefik – Ingress Controller for Kubernetes, Swapnasagar Pradhan
- Deep Dive into Kubernetes Networking, Balasundaram Nataraj
- 5 Cool Things With Okteto for Kubernetes Developers – Ramiro Berrelleza(Okteto CEO) & Sangam Biradar, EngineITOps
- Real Time Network Visibility Using Influxdb - Rahul Hada

Important Notes:
- This Meetup is Free of Cost and open for all to attend
- This meetup is not meant for promotional activities or marketing. It's purely based on open software.
- It's your choice to bring your laptop
- Please bring your Govt ID to enter into the venue
- Please RSVP for this event and reserve your seat.
- Feel free to share and invite your friends and colleagues

Saiyam Pathak