2 K8s talks - Conduit: Service Mesh for K8s and YugaByte DB

NetApp Headquarters - 1345 Crossman Ave. Sunnyvale - View Map Mountain View
Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Hi Kubernauts! This is our third installment of 2018 Bay Area Kubernetes and we have some great content for you!

NetApp has graciously offered to host and provide food and beverages for us - thanks NetApp!
1345 Crossman Drive
Building 3
Sunnyvale, CA

Visitor parking is abundant after hours around Building 3.

We will update the food and bev details when they come through but as always - expect no meetup pizza here. :)

We will kick things off at 630pm sharp - please try to arrive earlier so you can get settled and get something to eat. //WELCOME AND INTROS - 6:30PM


TITLE: Conduit: a service mesh for Kubernetes
SPEAKER: Oliver Gould, CTO, Buoyant

In December, Buoyant introduced the new Conduit service mesh: Linkerd’s spiritual successor for Kubernetes. Why was that necessary? What are the priorities and goals of the project? How did we put Conduit put together? In this talk, Buoyant CTO Oliver Gould will dive deep into the design philosophy behind Conduit, an extremely fast and lightweight service mesh for Kubernetes, based on the lessons learned from running Linkerd in production. He will show attendees the core Conduit architectural building blocks in-depth and how they’re used to support critical production use cases for service mesh technology. Attendees will will learn how to add reliability, security, and visibility to Kubernetes applications by transparently adding load balancing, circuit breaking, retries, instrumentation, TLS, and more to existing applications, and leave with a clear understanding of how Conduit is different from Linkerd, the latest developments for the Conduit project, and how to get involved. Bio:
Oliver is the CTO of Buoyant, where he leads open source development efforts for open service mesh projects Linkerd and Conduit. Prior to joining Buoyant, he was a staff infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he was the tech lead of Observability, Traffic, and Configuration & Coordination teams. He is the creator of Linkerd and a core contributor to Finagle, the high-volume RPC library used at Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud, and many other companies.



TITLE: YugaByte DB, a high-performance, distributed database for Kubernetes
SPEAKER: Karthik Ranganthan

YugaByte DB is a low latency, transactional database for building geo-distributed cloud services. It unifies the best features of SQL (transactions, secondary indexes, table-schema) and NoSQL (auto-sharding and fault-tolerance, low read latency, schemaless) databases. You can interact with YugaByte DB using Cassandra Query Language, Redis API and Postgres in the works. It runs natively on Kubernetes using the StatefulSets feature.

Having looked at the design goals and what you can do with YugaByte DB, we are going to look at a hands-on demo of YugaByte DB on top of Kubernetes using StatefulSets. We will also look at how to run YugaByte DB on multiple public clouds and across multiple geographic regions.

Karthik received his BS and MS in CS from IIT-M and UT Austin. Karthik started working on Cassandra about 10 years ago - before it was called Cassandra or was open-sourced and well before the world knew of it. He then went on to work on the guts of HBase, was instrumental in driving adoption of HBase at Facebook across several large use-cases and helped a number of companies adopt HBase as a part of the open source community. He is an open-source HBase committer. He is now one of the co-founders of YugaByte, a company that is building a cloud-native database for mission critical applications bringing the best of NoSQL and SQL together.


Thursday, Mar 15
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)


NetApp Headquarters
1345 Crossman Ave. Sunnyvale