(End of 🎃) October meetup @ Microsoft

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Thu, Oct 31, 2019, 6:30 PM (CET)

About this event

As a lot of great speakers are travelling to Ghent for ten years Devopsdays, we are taking the opportunity to welcome some of them at an additional meetup in October.


18:30 Networking
19:00 Start of the talks:

1) Michael Ducy - Rethinking open source in the age of cloud.

The last several years has brought explosive growth to the realm of open source. Many new projects have started, and many have went on to become foundational components of running applications at scale. Cloud providers have focused on a strategy of embracing open source not only to help build value added services, but to also make it easy to use open source on their compute platforms. Open source companies have reacted by changing their software licenses in an attempt to cut out the Cloud providers.

So what does this mean for the future of open source? In this talk, we’ll revisit some of the foundational tenets of open source, and compare these ideas to where open source has evolved. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons, and maybe unintended consequences, of Cloud based computing.

Michael Ducy currently works as an open source project lead for Sysdig where he is responsible for growing and maintaining the Falco project. Previously, Michael worked at Chef where we held a variety of roles helping customers and community members leverage Chef’s open source and paid solutions, as well as implement the ideas and practices of DevOps. Michael has also worked in a variety of roles in his career including Cloud Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Performance Engineering. Michael holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

2) Bryan Liles - Troubleshooting your Kubernetes workloads

Since it's the Halloween, let's talk about something scary: troubleshooting your Kubernetes workloads. In this talk, I'll review some common troubleshooting methods and introduce a tool, Octant, that we've been working on at VMware to make this process easier.

Bryan Liles is a Senior Staff Engineer at VMware. He leads the Developer Experience group, which creates solutions to help developers be more productive in Kubernetes. When not working, Bryan builds and races cars and drones.

3) Bridget Kromhout -Join Our Party: The Cloud Native Adventure Brigade

“In any team you need a tank, a healer, a damage dealer, someone with crowd control abilities, and another who knows iptables.” – OH by @jpetazzo, 2015

Complexity in our software installations increases over time; this is a law of physics (along with how “working in production” means “this will ideally last until the heat death of the universe”). Let’s talk about open source tools we can use for operable software on Kubernetes. Cloud native tooling fuels this whirlwind overview of how to gather your party of adventurers; you’ll leave with a clear picture of how to operate your software in a Kubernetes ecosystem (and avoid being eaten by a grue).

Bridget Kromhout is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, focusing on the open source Kubernetes ecosystem. Her CS degree emphasis was in theory, but she now deals with the concrete (if ‘cloud’ can be considered tangible). After 15 years as an operations engineer, she traded being on call for being on a plane. A frequent speaker and program committee member for tech conferences, she leads the devopsdays organization globally and the devops community at home in Minneapolis. She podcasts with Arrested DevOps, blogs at bridgetkromhout.com, and is active in a Twitterverse near you.

21:30-end Networking

PS: Spooky costumes are allowed 🙂

The wonderful people of Microsoft will provide snacks and drinks​.


Thursday, Oct 31
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM (CET)