KubeCon Barcelona Recap

Rombit - Meir 30 Antwerpen - View Map Brussels
Wed, May 29, 2019, 7:00 PM (CEST)

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Talk 1: " Sharing K8s. Multi-tenancy can be simpler than you think" (Andre Martins, Andre works as a cloud-native architect at Collibra. At the beginning of his career, Andre worked from the top of the technology ( frontend ) to the bottom (infrastructure). Currently a Kubernetes practioner, he loves to help teams deploy and operate tech stacks at scale.)

You want K8s at your company and you want to share it with your team or customers. As you look at the Kubernetes solution landscape at the CNCF website to find a shred of light, the first thing you wonder is "Where the hell do I start ?". During this talk, we'll go through how to use K8s primitives to create a healthy shared cluster environment for either internal usage or for creating your own SaaS. Let KISS and YAGNI principles be our best friends.

Talk 2: "K3S, a stripped-down Kubernetes cluster", (Benjamin Henrion, Benjamin is the President of the FFII.org, a pan-European association that has been fighting against software patents since 1999. His interests lie in computers, politics, and mountain biking.)

Benjamin will give an introductory talk about K3S (https://k3s.io).

Talk 3: "4 years of KubeCon EU: the past, the present and the future", (Steven Trescinski, Steven is a DevOps minded open, Cloud focused Open Source enthusiast with a continuously growing passion for new technologies. Besides being a co-organizer of this meetup In his current role with Gluo he is helping customers on their journey with Containers, Orchestrators, Microservices and Chaos Engineering).

Steven will take us on a journey across the main Kubecon EU topics.

Venue, beer and pizza are provided by Rombit (https://www.rombit.be)


Wednesday, May 29
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CEST)


Meir 30 Antwerpen