Kubernetes as a Platform with CustomResources and operators

Collibra - Oorlogskruisenlaan 116, 1120 Brussels - View Map Brussels
Fri, Jun 15, 2018, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

KubeCon just finished and so much has happened in the Kubernetes world, perfect time for a new meetup.

First news: We have joined with our friends from Gent and have renamed to Kubernetes Belgium.

For this meetup we have selected an awesome topic that was omnipresent in Copenhagen:

*** CustomResourceDefinitions and operators ***

We will be hosted by Collibra in Brussels. Drinks and food will be provided by them, worth a big thank you!


6:30 Networking & Beer
7:00 Start of the talks:

1) Intro to CustomResources and Controllers, Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat

ABSTRACT: CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) are used to extend a Kubernetes cluster with 3rd-party API resources, without changing the source code of Kubernetes. This opens up Kubernetes to be used as a platform for 3rd-party products or inhouse solutions.

BIO: Stefan is a software engineer at Red Hat working deep in the core of Kubernetes and OpenShift, especially in the API server, the Golang client libraries, code generation and around CustomResources.

2) Migrating from command-line deployments to gitops with CRDs, Alex Van Boxel, Vente-Exclusive.com

Probably a lot of projects that start on Kubernetes will have some kind of orchestration of external resources and have a command line tool for provisioning this. As Kubernetes introduced CRD we'll show you how we moved from pure command-line to a GitOps model with CRDs and our custom operators.

Bio: Alex Van Boxel is Big Data and Cloud architect at Vente-Exclusive.com and in his spear time he's Google Developer Expert for Cloud.

3) Cluster-API – using CRDs to manage the life-cycle of Kubernetes clusters, Henrik Schmidt, Loodse

Showing a declarative way of managing kubernetes clusters using CRD's and controllers.

Bio: Henrik is one of the core developers at Loodse, working a lot on controllers and is active in the Cluster API working group, together with Google, Heptio, Red Hat, SAP and others.


Friday, Jun 15
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST)


Oorlogskruisenlaan 116, 1120 Brussels