Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering with LitmusChaos

Sat, Apr 17, 2021, 5:00 PM (IST)

Learn about Chaos Engineering and how to conduct experiments on Kubernetes using LitmusChaos.

About this event

Chaos Engineering involves testing your distributed systems' resiliency & other capabilities by deliberately injecting failures into it.

In this webinar we will take an introductory look at Chaos Engineering and Litmus (a CNCF Sandbox Project) which provides a complete Chaos Engineering framework and associated chaos experiments to help Kubernetes SREs and developers to find weaknesses in Kubernetes platform and applications running on Kubernetes.


  • What is Chaos Engineering and why should you be interested
  • What is Cloud Native and combining the two
  • What is Litmus and how does it fit into the picture
  • What are the important CRDs that Litmus leverages
  • How to install Litmus
  • Exploring Litmus Dashboard / Hub
  • Deploying our first Chaos Experiment with Litmus



  • Sangram Rath

    Sangram Rath

    Cloud Architect & Technology Advisor


  • Divya Rani

    Divya Rani

    Software Engineer at VMware

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  • Sangram Kesari Rath

    Sangram Kesari Rath

    Independent Cloud Architect and Advisor

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