Boston Kubernetes Meetup #11

Red Hat, Inc. - 300 A St Boston - View Map Cambridge
Tue, Feb 12, 2019, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Super excited to invite you to our #11 meetup.

Agenda below:

6:00 pm - 6:20 pm - Eat, Drink, Mingle

6:20 pm - 6:25 pm - Intro

6:25 pm - 6:55 pm - A Demo-Driven Tour of Knative - Mark Fisher - Pivotal

7:00pm - 7:30pm - Squash: A Debugger for Kubernetes Apps - Mitch Kelley -

7:35 pm - 8:05 pm - Designing a scalable development platform: Using Kubernetes to efficiently support the development of large numbers of applications - Shubham Sakhuja - Aramse


- A Demo-Driven Tour of Knative
Knative extends Kubernetes via Custom Resource Definitions to provide support for deployment lifecycle concerns such as routing across multiple revisions of an application and scaling to zero when idle. Knative also provides support for pluggable container building strategies and an eventing model for connecting publishers to subscribers in a loosely coupled way. This presentation will include demos of each of those capabilities with a focus on the developer experience.
Mark Fisher - After more than a decade on the Spring team, Mark shifted his focus to Functions as a Service on Kubernetes. Now on the team that builds the open source riff project as well as the Pivotal Function Service, his goal is to provide developers with a simple yet powerful platform for building distributed polyglot applications using event-driven functions.

- Squash: A Debugger for Kubernetes Apps
Learn how to use Squash to debug your distributed applications.
Most cloud-native applications written today follow the microservice architecture. These applications are distributed by nature, and therefore hard to debug.
Microservice engineers debug their applications by printing values of select variables into log files. This approach is cumbersome, time-consuming and works better with "easy" bugs.
Squash is designed to bring the strength of modern debuggers and the convenience of their IDEs to microservices developers. Squash uses popular, powerful and mature debuggers (gdb, dlv, java debugging) and integrates them seamlessly with Kubernetes.
Mitch is the maintainer of’s open source microservice debugger, Squash. In a previous job at an enterprise cloud software company, he came to appreciate the great potential of cloud software and the great need for better tools and workflows. In a previous career as a mechanical engineer, he established a high standard for “observability” and “stress testing”. He is a big fan of open source software and is excited to extend human capability through better technology.

- Designing a scalable development platform: Using Kubernetes to efficiently support the development of large numbers of applications
Companies are developing many applications (e.g. microservices) to benefit from such advantages as re-use and release agility. For a development platform to properly support such efforts, it requires a standardized approach that efficiently organizes application information while minimizing the knowledge required to develop with it. Our goal was to build on new technologies such as Kubernetes to deliver a system that makes managing large numbers of applications as easy as possible. Our presentation focuses on how we achieved this goal as well as a brief demo of the usage of our development platform.
Shubham Sakhuja - Owner of Aramse, a small startup developing solutions to help companies scale. Professional Services (contractor) at Google with 5 years of experience building development platforms


Tuesday, Feb 12
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EST)


Red Hat, Inc.
300 A St Boston