Prometheus (from the creator) and Kube 1.6 Review

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Fri, Jun 16, 2017, 6:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

Yeay, time to meet again folks. This time we will have Julius Volz, co-creator of Prometheus giving an Introduction to Prometheus, and Dan McPherson, OpenShift and Kubernetes Engineer talking about what's new in Kube 1.6


6:30pm - eat, drink, mingle

7:00 - 7:35 - Prometheus with the creator  - Julius Volz

7:40 - 8:25 - Kube 1.6 What's New - Dan McPherson

8:25 - 9:00 - eat, drink, mingle

Details about the Sessions:

Title: Systems and Service Monitoring with Prometheus
Abstract:Prometheus is a modern monitoring system and time series database. It features a multi-dimensional data model with a powerful query language and integrates many aspects of systems and service monitoring: from the instrumentation of services over the collection and storage of metrics data, all the way to dashboarding and alerting. Native support for various service discovery mechanisms also make it particularly suitable for dynamic cloud-based environments.
In this introduction, Prometheus co-creator Julius Volz explains the architecture of Prometheus and shows its advantages over traditional monitoring systems.
Bio: Julius co-founded the Prometheus monitoring system ( and led the project to success at SoundCloud and beyond. He now focuses on growing the Prometheus community and is the main organizer of PromCon, the first conference around Prometheus. In a previous life, Julius was a Site Reliability Engineer at Google.

Title: Kube 1.6 What's new
Abstract: Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications.  In this session, Dan McPherson will give you a little background about containers and Kubernetes as well as fill you in on the latest improvements in the 1.6 release.
Bio: Dan McPherson is a Senior Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat on OpenShift since 2011.  He has been involved in the development of many facets of OpenShift with a focus on architecture for the last couple of years.  He recently moved to Boston to help drive OpenShift related research at local universities and to lead OpenShift engineering efforts out of Red Hat’s new Boston office.


Friday, Jun 16
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (EDT)


Red Hat Boston
300 A Street Boston