K8s troubleshooting + Secrets Mgmt + Finetuning LLMs


Jan 30, 11:00 PM – Jan 31, 1:30 AM

In-person event

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About this event


First event of 2024 and we're kicking off in style.

3x tech talks, each one guaranteed to teach you something new. Read the topic summaries below for more details.

As usual, we'll have food and drinks (thanks to our sponsors!) but remember to RSVP so I can get an accurate head count.



6:00 pm: food / drinks / networking

6:20 pm: Talk #1: K8s Best Practices in troubleshooting and monitoring w/ Maria Ashby

7:00 pm: Who is hiring? Who is looking?

7:10 pm: Talk #2: K8s secrets management best practices w/ Allan Konar

7:50 pm: Talk #3: Finetuning a Llama 2 model using Dynamic Workload scheduling on GKE w/ Barry Mullan

8:30 pm: Finish


Speakers & topics

1. K8s Best Practices w/ Maria Ashby, Dev Advocate @ Kubeshop

Maria's talk will focus on Kubernetes troubleshooting and monitoring best practices.

Maria currently works on the Botkube project. She creates content and hosts events around Kubernetes. Maria is passionate about lowering the barrier to entry into continuous delivery and increasing representation for black students in tech.

2. K8s secrets management best practices w/ Allan Konar, Architect @ GitGuardian

This one hits me personally because my colleague accidentally spent $100k in 4 days in Azure with 1 mistake...

Raise your hand if you've never accidentally committed a secret into your code. Liars!! Best practices with secrets management is a topic that's so important I that I need to re-learn it every year.

3. Finetuning a Llama 2 model using Dynamic Workload scheduling on GKE w/ Barry Mullan

Barry is one of our wonderful hosts from Google. He's going to talk about LLMs and Dynamic Workload Scheduler on GKE.

Dynamic Workload Scheduler is a new, simple, and powerful approach to get access to GPUs and TPUs. This blog is for technical audiences to deep-dive into what it is, how it works, and how you can use it today.



January 30 – 31, 2024
11:00 PM – 1:30 AM UTC


  • Michael O'Leary


    Solution Architect

  • Isabella Langan


    Chapter organizer