Software Supply Chain + Prometheus expertise + Gateway API


Feb 29, 11:00 PM – Mar 1, 1:30 AM

In-person event

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We're back with 3 more great topics! Thanks to SUSE for sponsoring this event.

Anyone replicate Barry's demo from last time at home? If yes, message me so I can dig you up some swag!

I'm thrilled with this speaker line up! Check out the speakers' profiles - each is an expert in their field. Read below for the details.

As usual, we'll have food and drinks (thanks SUSE!) but remember to RSVP so I can get an accurate head count.



6:00 pm: food / drinks / networking

6:20 pm: Talk #1: Software Supply Chain w/ Tom McGonagle

7:00 pm: Who is hiring? Who is looking?

7:10 pm: Talk #2: Monitoring K8s with Prometheus w/ Shawn Pitts

7:50 pm: Talk #3: Gateway API w/ Michael Pleshakov

8:30 pm: Finish


Speakers & topics

1. Software Supply Chain w/ Tom McGonagle, SA @ SUSE

Full image life-cycle security from Dev to Prod using Rancher and NeuVector.

Tom is an OG - he was a speaker at our first post-Covid event in 2022! Tom has worked at some of the big names in tech and is currently at SUSE.

2. Monitoring K8s with Prometheus w/ Shawn Pitts, CSE @

If you use K8s, you need to know about monitoring. Prometheus is one popular open source tool - and a CNCF project - that you should definitely know about, and Shawn's an expert in monitoring, observability, and teaching people this stuff.

Shawn's YouTube channel has a few examples of his expertise in training folks on these technologies. Since his day job is making his own customers successful (and he's the unofficial graphic designer of this Meetup), I'm thrilled to learn a few tips I can take back to work with me!

3. Reasons to use the Gateway API w/ Michael Pleshakov, dev @ NGINX

This presentation covers what the new Gateway API is and the benefits over the legacy Ingress resource. Let's take a look at current and future use cases, industry adoption, and the state of ingress with NGINX.

Michael is actively working on implementation of Gateway API at NGINX, so I'm thrilled he agreed to come up from NYC to present to us. For those of you already familiar with the concepts of ingress controllers, I highly encourage you to ask questions of Michael - it's not everyday we get to speak directly to developers like this!


Hybrid/Remote option

Sorry, this event is in-person only, so please join us in Cambridge!



February 29 – March 1, 2024
11:00 PM – 1:30 AM UTC


  • Michael O'Leary


    Solution Architect

  • Isabella Langan

    Chapter organizer