Pre-holiday meetup: Learning from observability data


Dec 7, 2023, 11:00 PM – Dec 8, 2023, 2:00 AM

Hybrid event

Learn to use observability data to improve efficiency and productivity together with the Chicago Cloud-Native and Java communities!

About this event

Join fellow cloud architects and engineers for deep dives into topics related to Kubernetes and cloud-native computing!

How to get to the venue

  • 8th Light's office is on the 5th floor
  • You need to use a specific elevator bank to reach the 5th floor. It's the smaller elevator bank of the two and is found off the Washington St. entrance. If necessary there is a security desk in the lobby that can offer directions.
  • Once on the 5th floor, follow signs into the office.

Presentation 1

  • Title: OpenTelemetry and Continuous Feedback - Things you need to know about your code at runtime
  • Presented by: Roni Dover, Co-founder and CTO at Digma
  • Description: What do you know about the code changes that were just introduced into the codebase? When will you start noticing if something goes wrong? If there are so many accessible observability sources that can tell us what the code is doing, why are we using so little of that in our day-to-day coding?
    Continuous Feedback is a new dev practice that aims to make practical usage of code runtime data to shorten the feedback loop during development. It enables developers to get early data about their code changes and detect issues and regressions as-they-code. At the same time, collecting data from multiple environments, allows developers to instantly understand how their code is performing in the real world.
    this session, we'll look past the novelty of using OSS observability tools and technologies, to discuss how we can actually make them useful for developers. We'll take a look at the benefits of enabling OpenTelemetry collection for dev and test data and examine OSS tools to help analyze the application runtime. Throughout the talk, we'll go over code examples of common anti-patterns, code smells, hidden errors, and other types of problems that observability can reveal - prior to merging a PR,
    Ultimately, the goal should not be simply observing the application or creating nice-looking dashboards. Rather, success is in leveraging observability data in order to achieve a more effective dev process and write better code.

Presentation 2

  • Title: A bigger house requires a good Karpenter
  • Presented by: Jeremy Cowan, Sr. Manager, Developer Advocacy at AWS
  • Description: This talk will provide a brief overview of the Karpenter project, an open source cluster autoscaler for Kubernetes. It will also cover how the project is aligning with the CAS API in preparation for its donation to SIG autoscaling and newly released features, including Azure's provider for AKS and new controls for managing disruptions, e.g. during node upgrades and consolidation.
    Karpenter is increasingly becoming the de facto way to scale Kubernetes clusters on AWS. Many are attracted to it because of its ability to simplify node management and its ability to binpack pods onto as few (least costly) instances as possible without affecting reliability or performance.


  • Roni Dover



  • Jeremy Cowan


    Sr. Manager, Developer Advocacy



December 7 – 8, 2023
11:00 PM – 2:00 AM UTC


  • Tom Kowal

    8th Light

    Engineering Manager


  • Mostafa Radwan



  • Josh Gavant

    Red Hat


  • Michelle Polonsky

    Discover Financial Services


  • Alaina Fasola

    Red Hat



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