Cloud Native Aarhus #3

IT Minds - Finlandsgade 27C 8200 Aarhus N - View Map Aarhus
Mon, Oct 30, 2017, 5:00 PM (CET)

About this event

It's time for a new meetup with new exciting talks about Cloud Native Technologies.

17:00: Welcome - Daniel Fly 
17:05: Welcome by Henning Christensen, IT-Minds 
17:15: "Adopting Go at Lunar Way" - Martin Jensen, Lunar Way 
18:00: Break with snacks, cheese, and wine    
18:30: "Jenkins tips and tricks" - Kresten Kjær
19:15: Networking 
20:00: Thank you - and goodbye!


"Adopting Go at Lunar Way" - Martin Jensen, Lunar Way 

The talk will cover Lunar Way’s adoption of Go from the motivation for a new language to having a few Go services running in production. In addition, it will cover the surprises we met in the process, show how Go fits into Lunar Way’s technology stack, and compare it to our other languages/frameworks.

"Jenkins tips and tricks" - Kresten Kjær  

This talk is about Jenkins and automation with Jenkins. It will cover how to setup jobs, how simple build pipelines work. How to use the Jenkins cli, the Jenkins job dsl and how to define modern pipelines with the pipeline dsl. We will also look at how to setup autoscaling with Amazon EC2, and adding other kinds of builds slaves.A focus will be on how to manage a Jenkins installation in a nice way, so you are not afraid of breaking your CI server.


Monday, Oct 30
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)


IT Minds
Finlandsgade 27C 8200 Aarhus N