Making a Bag of Metrics with Open Source APM and Tracing

Microsoft Corporation - 3601 76th Street West, Suite 600 Edina - View Map Cloud Native And Kubernetes Minneapolis
Thu, Jun 27, 2019, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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We will open the door at 6:00, have drinks and pizza until 6:30, then the talk will start. Remember our location is easy to find and has free parking 🚗

*** Talk ****
Open Tracing and OpenCensus have recently merged projects to consolidate efforts for Open Source APM Metrics and Application Tracing into a new project known as Open Consensus.

For cloud adopters this could help them quickly instrument APM to get metrics and traces out of a system, but then what? You have just created a bag of metrics, how do you separate the signal from the noise and prioritize your efforts so you can develop applications with speed, accuracy and security (e.g. DevSecOps)?

Learn how to get more out of your open source metrics by seeing them in context with all of their related entities (AWS workloads, Azure workloads, on-prem workloads, browsers, mobile apps, hosts, containers, databases, load balancers, identity services, etc). Then deliver more perfect software faster than ever.

Presented by... Andrew "Chris" Satter, who has been assisting multiple organizations in solving very complex business impacting issues using tools and resources available to enable intelligent business decisions and secure infrastructure performance. He has streamlined and automated processes by integrating diverse tools, databases, and other data sources into a single easy to use dashboard to be used by organizations in large enterprises for the past 20+ years.


Thursday, Jun 27
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CDT)


Microsoft Corporation
3601 76th Street West, Suite 600 Edina