Policy Driven Security For Kubernetes With Open Policy Agent

Red Hat Inc - 1 NE Main St # 209 Minneapolis - View Map Cloud Native And Kubernetes Minneapolis
Thu, Oct 24, 2019, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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We will open the door at 6:00
Have drinks and pizza until 6:30, then the talk will start.

Has RBAC, Network Policy, or Pod Security Policies not been enough to solve your policy needs? Policy is essential to meeting governance and legal requirements. As enterprise adoption occurs of Cloud Native technologies, policy-based control has become vital to meet these needs.

In this session, we will review Open Policy Agent capabilities and use cases for extending Kubernetes policy and governance. We will also demonstrate use cases that can can be used to implement policy across Kubernetes clusters.

After attending this talk, you will leave with understanding why policy driven security is needed for governing your Kubernetes clusters . You will also learn about actionable real world use cases and how to get started writing OPA policies.

This will be a demo heavy session based on real word use cases!


Dave Strebel is a Global Open Source Architect on the Microsoft Global Black Belt team. Dave focuses on containers, microservice architecture and the cloud-native ecosystem. Dave has been working in technology for over 15 years and has a mixed background across application development to infrastructure. Dave is based in Minneapolis, MN and in his free time organizes the Minneapolis Cloud Native Meetup and contributes to the Kubernetes Release team. He has also recently co-authored the Kubernetes Best Practice book published by O'Reilly Media

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Park in the "Municipal Garage at RiverPlace", entrance is on 2nd St SE. You can enter the RiverPlace building directly from the garage. The Red Hat office is on the retail level. I should be able to validate everyone's parking.

The doors automatically lock, so you may need leave a message if you can't get in the doors, we try to have someone waiting at the door until 6:30. After that please post to the message/discussion board


Thursday, Oct 24
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CDT)


Red Hat Inc
1 NE Main St # 209 Minneapolis