Increasing Observability with Distributed Tracing - RSVP at GDG Cloud, not here

Cloud Native and Kubernetes Oslo

Feb 28, 2018, 4:30 – 6:00 PM

In-person event

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We are welcome to present you a talk about OpenTracing – a vendor-neutral open standard for distributed tracing – a talk that should be relevant to everyone working with Cloud (independent of the cloud provider), or for anyone working with distributed systems in general.

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The talk will be held Google, Norway. There will be food and drinks served before the presentation.


- Introduction to Observability
- Notes about Logging, FluentD, OKLog
- Notes about Metrics, Prometheus

- Distributed Tracing
- OpenTracing API
- Integration with Tracing Infrastructure, Jaeger, Zipkin
- Black-Box Tracing, Apache Skywalking

- What’s next: LDFI, Intuition Engineering

Having the power to answer questions not only about general, high-level concerns like if an application is up and running and what is the average or 99-percentile response time, but really drill-down and answer more specific questions, like what has happened with an specific message or transaction and how components behave, becomes critical when applications are deployed to production. The ability to achieve this becomes more complex when components scale and get distributed across a cluster and messages are not anymore in only one platform. Distributed Tracing is a mechanism to track request-bounded behaviour across different, distributed components, propagating context between them and enable traces aggregation and analyze how components behave along each transaction. Tracing, as related methods like Logging and Metrics, help us to increase the level of observability that we have around our applications.

This presentation is aim to introduce practices to increase Observability using Logging, Metrics, and Tracing. Then, it will explain how to instrument applications with OpenTracing API and how to integrate with different tracing infrastructures like JaegerTracing and OpenZipkin. Finally, it will show some areas of study that are getting developed based on information generated by tracing.

Jorge Quilcate is software engineer, part of the Middleware team in Sysco AS, doing back-end development and data integration. Jorge is also blog writer and an open-source contributor (e.g. Apache Kafka project), currently focusing on reactive systems, scalable and distributed platforms and observability.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


  • Kristina Devochko

    Tietoevry, Public 360° unit

    CNCF Ambassador & Board Chair, Cloud Native Norway

  • Steffen Pøhner Henriksen


    Cloud Native Developer, Geodata AS

  • Emil Antoni Brasø

    Sopra Steria

    Senior Cloud Native Engineer

  • Bosse Klykken

    Redpill Linpro

    Senior Architect