What it Takes to Make Microservices Work

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Thu, Oct 30, 2014, 6:30 PM (PDT)

About this event

Join us to hear John Wetherill on how Microservices impact application development, and Jim Bugwadia discuss networking patterns for Microservices.


6:30 - 7:00: Networking and pizza

7:00 - 7:10: Announcements

7:10 - 7:50: What it Takes to Make Microservices Work,  John Wetherill

7:50 - 8:30: Service Networking, Jim Bugwadia

What it Takes to Make Microservices:

Microservices are a natural response to next-gen application characteristics: greater scale, frequent updates, and unreliable infrastructure. Microservices design will be a key IT skill requirement for individuals and organization going forward. Many aspects of developing and operating an application change in this environment and this presentation will cover them. Learn how Microservices change every element of applications and how to respond to this very different beast. 

Service Networking:

Microservices applications are dynamic in nature which introduces a number of networking challenges. Containers offer great flexibility in application packaging and delivery, but also add complexity for networking. In addition, DevOps best practices, such as canary launching, require managing traffic flows within an application. In this talk, Jim will discuss service naming, discovery, registration, load balancing. and routing, and present solutions that work with Docker-based applications. 

About John Wetherill:

Originally from Canada, John has spent much of his career designing and building software at a handful of startups, at Sun Microsystems, NeXT Inc., and more recently in the smart grid and energy space. His biggest passion is for developer tools, or more generally any tool, language, process, or system that improves developer productivity and quality of life. Without question, Stackato is one such tool and the reason why he is here. No stranger to technology evangelism, John spent several years in the late 1990's on Sun's Technology Evangelism Team spreading the Java Gospel across the globe and focusing on the prolific number of Java technologies. Now John is now returning to his roots, as a technology evangelist working for a Canadian company, albeit remotely from Santa Cruz.

About Jim Bugwadia: 

Jim is a co-founder and CEO at Nirmata, a startup focused on addressing the many challenges with developing and operating microservcies applications at scale. 

Prior to founding Nirmata, Jim managed a cloud consulting team at Cisco. Jim has been building large-scale distributed software systems throughout his career, including cellular base station controller systems at Motorola and Lucent, a DSL gateway at Jetstream, WLAN planning, management, and security software at Trapeze Networks and VDI connection brokering and management software at Pano Logic. 


Thursday, Oct 30
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (PDT)