Managing Stateful Containerized Apps & Network Fabric for Microservice Apps

IBM Austin (Building 908) - 11501 Burnet Road Austin - View Map Cloud Native Austin
Wed, Sep 7, 2016, 6:30 PM (CDT)

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Chief Architect, Professional Services, 

Round six of the Microservices and Containers Austin meetup brings you... yet another double feature (YADF) with presentations from Portworx and

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6:30pm: Socializing, Food & Drink 
6:45pm: Announcements 
7:00pm: Featured Talk: Managing Data for Stateful Docker Apps (Portworx)  
7:45pm: Break  
8:00pm: Featured Talk: Building a Secure, Fast Network Fabric for Microservice Applications
8:45pm: Conclude


Talk 1: Managing Data for Stateful Docker Apps

Abstract: Over half the leading Dockerized apps like Redis, MongoDB, and WordPress are stateful. Data persistence is critical for these apps.  So how to manage, protect, and recover container volume data when deploying stateful apps?

Using the Docker volume plug-in with external container storage allows data to be persisted, allows per-container volume management and high-availability for stateful apps.

· Best practices for managing stateful containerized applications
· Strategies for protecting data and handling hardware failures in a distributed world
· A live demo of container storage demonstrating how to manage volume snaps, clones, and replication

Speaker: Jeff Silberman, Global Solutions Architect of Portworx, will speak on how the team is bringing their experience in scaleout distributed storage to containers.

Talk 2: Building a Secure, Fast Network Fabric for Microservice Applications

Abstract: Microservice Applications bring many powerful benefits – scalability, component isolation, and a much simpler platform for feature updates and additions. In many respects, these benefits are enabled by splitting the functional components of an application apart into separate services and using the network as the mechanism for interprocess communication. While this fundamental change in application architecture has many benefits, it also has some inherent problems: it is difficult to link components together, make them secure and make them fast. This presentation discusses a series of architectures that address these problems using NGINX Plus for network management in your microservices applications.

Speaker: Chris Stetson, Chief Architect Professional Services


Wednesday, Sep 7
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CDT)


IBM Austin (Building 908)
11501 Burnet Road Austin