When Containers Fail and the Cloud-native Application Maturity Model

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Tue, Aug 9, 2016, 6:30 PM (CDT)

About this event

Round five of the Microservices and Containers Austin meetup brings you... yet another double feature (YADF) with presentations from Dynatrace and Nirmata.

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6:30pm: Socializing, Food & Drink
6:45pm: Announcements
7:00pm: Featured Talk: Cloud-native Application Maturity Model (Nirmata)  
7:45pm: Break 
8:00pm: Featured Talk: The Mushroom Cloud Effect or What Happens When Containers Fail (Dynatrace)
8:45pm: Conclude


Talk 1: Cloud-native Application Maturity Model

Abstract: Cloud computing is rapidly transforming how applications are architected, deployed, and operated! In this talk, learn what it means for an application to be "cloud-native", and how using technologies such as microservices and containers you can evolve an application from a traditional hosted application, to an full automated adaptive application.

Speaker: Jim Bugwadia - Jim is a founder at Nirmata, a San Francisco Bay area startup in the Enterprise DevOps space. Jim has been building large-scale distributed software systems for the last two decades. Jim started his career developing C++ software at Motorola for cellular network infrastructure, where his team launched the world's first CDMA network. Since then Jim has held several developer, architect, and leadership roles at companies like Bell Labs, Cisco, Trapeze Networks, and Pano Logic. In 2013 Jim founded Nirmata, a startup focused on solving Enterprise DevOps pain points, by providing multi-cloud management of Microservices style applications that are deployed using containers.

Talk 2: The Mushroom Cloud Effect or What Happens When Containers Fail 

Abstract: Micro service architectures result in up to 20 times larger environments than their monolithic counterparts. In such big and interconnected environments container metrics will tell you about infrastructure health but not service health. Even if you have implemented service health checks to quickly react on service failures, in a resilient system you will see intermediary mushroom cloud effects of a large number of services being affected temporarily. How do you find out what really caused the problem and how to distinguish effect vs. cause? In this session we will do post-mortem analysis by walking through different cases of failures we've observed in a real-world large e-commerce production environment and show you how to figure out what actually caused the failures. 

Speaker: Alois Mayr - Alois is Technology Lead for Cloud and Containers with the Dynatrace Innovation Lab. He works on bringing full-stack monitoring to cloud and PaaS platforms such as Docker and Cloud Foundry. In his role as technology lead he works very closely with R&D and customers and supports them with their journey to those platforms. He is also blogger and speaker at conferences and meetups where he shares lessons learned and other user stories with new technologies. Before joining Dynatrace, he was a researcher focused on software quality measurements and evaluation.

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Tuesday, Aug 9
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CDT)


Rackspace at Frost Bank Tower
401 Congress Ave, Suite 1950 Austin