TechBrains 2023

Cloud Native Baku

Nov 5, 2023, 5:00 – 9:00 AM

Hybrid event

​We're excited to invite you speak in our annual Techbrains2023 event where we invite dynamic engineers, founders and leaders to share their journey and showcase their game-changing experiences!

About this event

About Event

🚀 Excited to announce the tracks for our upcoming #TechBrains2023 event that dives deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence and technology! 🤖

Due to the increased number of speakers and guests, we changed the venue to: M. K. Atatürk prospekti 89, Baku. 

Thank you so much Innovation and Digital Development Agency for hosting us!

Track 1: AI Fundamentals and Innovations

Sessions: 5 Time: ~30 mins

✅ Bert based Azerbaijani new classification. - Natig Mamishov, Azerconnect LLC

✅  Engineering R&D and Innovations with AI. - Shahriyar Alkhasli, eiLink R&D

✅ Generative AI as an Art Craft. - Rasul Hasan, Coders Azerbaijan

✅ AI or not AI? - Kamil Alasgarov, FRM from Simple Co LLC

✅ Explainable AI: Moving beyond black box approach. - Aydamir Mirzayev, AZAI TECH

Track 2: Marketing, UX, and Engagement

Sessions: 5 Time: ~30 mins

✅ Maximizing Efficiency: Implementing Testing Processes to Prevent Time and Money Loss. - Dilbar Huseynzade, Guavapay

✅ Combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics. level of user involvement. User evolution. - Agshin Rajabov, Emotix Co.

✅ The future of marketing. - Tamara Ibragimova, Cheshir Marketing Solutions

 User experience personalization using Firebase AI based features. - Karim Karimov, Pasha Bank OJSC

✅ Udemy Algorithm: how it works, how to be top instructor and best use of AI in coding exercises. - Elshad Karimov, AppMillers

Track 3: Data, Databases, and Infrastructure

Sessions: 7 Time: ~40 mins 

✅ Future-Ready serverless database: speed, efficiency, and advanced Redis integration. - Emin Ghuliev, DBondX 

✅  The Architecture, implementation, and growth process of Uber/Yandex payout system. - Imran Yusubov, Ingress Group LLC 

✅  Data Factory for Critical Infrastructure. - Arzu Allahverdiyev, PRODATA 

✅  Harnessing the Power of Generative AI: RAG, Open Source LLMs, and more. - Enrike NUR, Whelp. 

✅  GenAI for DevOps. Don't guess, use templates and expert review. - Fagani Hajizada from DataRobot (Germany, Zoom) 

✅  Digital Twins. - Yashar Ahmadov, Amazon (Luxembourg, Zoom) 

✅ State of AI in next decade. - Vurghun Hajiyev, IDDA.

Track 4: Safety, Ethics, Privacy, and Security

Sessions: 7 Time: ~40 mins

✅ Threat detection for a safer and smarter world using AI. - Uzeyir Suleymanov, AZAI TECH.

✅ The Future of Digital Forensics with AI. - Elchin Mammadov, EnCE, CEH, Fortinet (USA, Zoom)

✅ AI Surveillance: Ethical Landmines in the Digital Panopticon. - Alvan Rahimli, BP

✅ Traditional CISO vs vCISO. - Kanan Shahmuradov, DOST Rəqəmsal İnnovasiyalar Mərkəzi

✅ There are two genders, what about AI? - Marina Ibrahimova, AZAI TECH

✅ AI's Path to Ethical and Inclusive Innovation. - Ilgar Abbasov, AZAI TECH

✅ Revolutionizing Social Networks: Building Trust and Privacy with Blockchain. - Elshad Aghazadeh, EACAMP

Track 5: Professional Development, Vision, and Trends

Sessions: 8 Time: ~45 mins

✅ Elevating Success: Communication Skills for Product Owners. - Shahlar M. Damirli, Guavapay.

✅ Current Trends in JavaScript Frameworks and the Rise of Functional Programming. - Ali, DAN.IT education.

✅ Redefining Internships: A Synergistic Approach. - Zamir Jamalov, Div Academy.

✅ History of computing. - Misir Jafarov, BP.

✅ Why Traditional Education Doesn't Work Today? - Aysel Gulmammadova, Baku Design Academy.

✅ Explainable AI: Machines Have Feelings Too. - Nijat Zeynalov, Azerconnect LLC.

✅ AI as productivity booster. - Emil Mirzayev, Ph.D. (UK, Zoom).

✅ LLMs state of production readiness. - Sako M, Gladly (USA, Zoom)

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Sunday, November 5, 2023
5:00 AM – 9:00 AM UTC


Welcome and Introduction
✅ Track 1: AI Fundamentals and Innovations
✅ Track 2: Marketing, UX, and Engagement
✅ Track 3: Data, Databases, and Infrastructure
✅ Track 4: Safety, Ethics, Privacy, and Security
✅ Track 5: Professional Development, Vision, and Trends
​Networking Session
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