Cloud Native Bilbao Meetup #3 October 3rd (Edificio Ensanche)

Cloud Native Bilbao

Oct 19, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

In-person event

Join us for knowledge sharing and fun on October 19th 18:00-20:00

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Talks, fun, cookies! 

1. Oleg Nenashev- Cloud Native(?) Jenkins. How we failed to make Jenkins cloud native and what we learned?


Jenkins has been one of the most popular automation servers in the world. It is widely used for CI/CD purposes in cloud environments. You may have heard that Jenkins is not cloud native, and of course it is true. You may have heard that Jenkins controllers are a legacy monolith from the 2000s. That is not true, it is quite **cloud friendly** if used right. And yes we tried to make Jenkins cloud native, but it didn’t quite work. Why?

I have been in Jenkins architecture projects for more than ten years, including pluggable storage, multi-tenant Jenkins, cloud native agents, breaking down the controller monolith, Kubernetes integrations, etc., etc. Some of these efforts worked, some didn’t. But it was a great learning experience that can be used by developers and maintainers of other projects that consider re-platforming them to make cloud- and Kubernees-native. I will talk about the technical assumptions and mistakes we made in Jenkins, and how it worked. What to keep in mind when doing the re-platforming? And do you even need it?

2. Jorge Turrado: GitOps & ArgoCD, what are these things and how can they help us?

Over the years, the adoption of Kubernetes within the industry has grown. Just as deploying applications using FTP servers and pipelines evolved, the approach to deploying applications to Kubernetes has also undergone a transformation. This new approach leverages Git as a single source of truth. It's known as GitOps and offers several advantages in our daily workflows, such as maintaining a single point of truth, enabling easy rollbacks since Git also serves as the application's history, and facilitating migration across different vendors.

However, having just a Git repository isn't sufficient. We need a tool to synchronize the repository with our Kubernetes clusters, and that's where ArgoCD comes in. ArgoCD not only provides the necessary tooling for synchronization but also offers a user-friendly UI to keep us informed about ongoing processes.

Join us during this session as we delve into these concepts, explore how they can be implemented, and share our experiences of implementing them in SCRM

3. Manu Cañete: Backstage - A journey through the developer portal

In this talk, we will explore Backstage, a tool for creating your own developer portal. We'll look at the features it offers and how we can extend them. Backstage, created by Spotify, helps bring all development tools and services together in one easy-to-use place, making the developer's life easier.

4. Irontec



Thursday, October 19, 2023
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


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