CNCF Bilbao Meetup #4 (new location Gran Via 17 - 7)

Cloud Native Bilbao

Nov 23, 2023, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

Join us to share in Gran Via Don Diego Lopez de Haro 17-7 to knowledge about cloud native technologies, enjoy chocolate chip cookies, and network!

About this event

WE ARE NOT MEETING IN EDIFICIO ENSANCHE! We are meeting in the Datua office here Gran Via Don Diego Lopez de Haro 17-7

Intro- Bart Farrell & Jorge Turrado 

Talk #1 Una Alianza Poderosa para Despliegues Eficientes- Keny Garcia e Israel Ortiz de Zárate - Hubbell Incorporated- Descubriremos qué es la infraestructura como código y Terraform para terminar viendo un ejemplo real de cómo gestionamos nuestra infraestructura con Azure en nuestra empresa.

Talk #2 Knowing Your Data:  Building a Data Catalog for Your Company- Aitor Artola(Datua)- Most of the companies generate and use lots of data to manage their day-to-day business. Usually, each department or area has digital systems deployed to handle their daily operations, which generate operational data. But many companies are facing difficulties to extract information from this operational data to take strategic business decision. The main reason behind is that the operational data often is managed internally only within each department of the company, as data silos only accessible to technical people, making it difficult to know and access this data from the business side.

One of the main points for the governance of a modern data ecosystem is to provide and facilitate to business people the capacity to now and access all the operational data available in the company, so they can use it to extract information for business strategic decisions by means of the mother business intelligence and data sciences technologies. Therefore, to make this happen the first requirement is to be able to know all the operational data available within the company and to understand the way it has been generated (linage). This can be achieved with a proper use of the metadata available in the different digital systems that handle the data.

There are specific tools and technologies that can collect these metadata in such a way that it can be enriched with additional information creating what is called a data catalog, a place where anyone in the company can check all the data available within the company.

The goal of this talk is to explain the reasons behind the need of a data catalog and to present some open-source alternatives to build it.

Talk #3- "Autoscaling Kafka consumers in Kubernetes"- Iker Jimenez(New Relic)- Deep dive into how New Relic is doing Kafka consumer autoscaling in Kubernetes clusters to avoid data lag. 


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