Cloud Native Brno #1

Živo u Palečka - Koliště 23 Brno - View Map Brno
Wed, Apr 25, 2018, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

The very first Cloud Native meetup in Brno.
Come and learn about latest trends in the Cloud Native landscape.
Have a great beer and discuss everything that interests you.

The program starts at 18:30.
Meetup language is czech (english when non czech guests are present).

You can look forward to:

# Talks

1) Petr Kotas - Cloud Native, what it is and why should I care.
A very warm welcome to the series of Cloud Native meetups in Brno.
This talk aims to answer the following questions:
- Why this meetup?
- Why should I care?
- What will I learn?
- What is Cloud Native?
- What is the future plan for this meetup?

Length: 30min

Petrs journey to the cloud world started 9 year ago at VŠB University of Ostrava, where he was part of a core team working on a computational libraries for distibuted computing systems. He then continued his trip in where he was a lead developer of a cloud application used for search engine debuging. After a brief machine learning stop in his failed food recommendation startup he ended as a senior engineer at Red Hat.
He now works in Red Hat Virtualization team where he also works on Kubevirt project (

2) Martin Polednik - Introduction to Kubernetes.
A high level overview of "Production-grade Container Scheduling and Management" platform
called Kubernetes.
This talk gives answers to the following questions:
- What is Kubernetes?
- What Kubernetes is not?
- What it is good for?
- Why and when should I use it?

Length: 30min

Martin is a Software Engineer at Red Hat. He spent his last 4 years developing product called Red Hat Virtualization, but somewhat recently moved onto KubeVirt ( - a Kubernetes addon to run virtual machines on container-oriented platform. In addition to transforming coffee into code, Martin enjoys blogging about system topics, presenting at conferences and hacking his home.

# Discussion

Ask anything about cloud. Members ready to answer your questions are:
- Petr Kotas
- Martin Polednik

- Petr Horáček

Petr is a Red Hat developer working on Red Hat Virtualization platform, primarily on its virtual networking features. He currently spends most of his time on KubeVirt, where his main task is to bring advanced networking support to Kubernetes.

- Robert Zahradníček

Robert is passionate DevOps enthusiast. He has been embracing DevOps for past 5 years. He first encountered Cloud Native world while working on SaaS platform for Brno startup ROI Hunter, where he worked on wide range of things like Ansible automation, continuos CI/CD pipelines, deployment of containers and migration to public cloud. His adventure continued in a German software company where he also lead both DevOps initiative and IT department in overall digital transformation of the company. Now he works in Red Hat Ansible team where he supports customers in their automation journey using Ansible and Ansible Tower products.


Wednesday, Apr 25
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST)


Živo u Palečka
Koliště 23 Brno


  • Alexander Demichev

    Alexander Demichev

    Lead Organizer