Cloud Native Meetup #13

Živo U Palečka - Koliště 643 Brno-střed - View Map Brno
Tue, May 21, 2019, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

The doors open at 18:00 program starts at 18:30.
We are again at U Palecka, with promise of calm space.

This time we host Martin Polednik from ThreatMark, who will speak about ThreatMark yourney to the AWS cloud. Martin's summary about his talk:

Migrating to AWS cheaply* and without downtime**

Dream for DevOps, nightmare for stakeholders.
Migrating a product to AWS, or any other public cloud, comes with
broad set of new challenges to be solved - how do you pick region?
How to pick zone within the region? Which instance types are needed
for the workload? How to integrate everything? What are the requirements
for being able to migrate to cloud seamlessly?

In this talk, we will go through several lessons learned from migrating
ThreatMark AFS to AWS. How picking Cloud Native stack from the beginning
makes migration easy; problems with different regions and availability zones
for latency-sensitive workload, DB replication from on-premise deployment to
AWS (through VPN) and many other interesting caveats of public cloud.

* just 3x the budget
** almost

Questions can be asked upfront or during the event here:

Lightning talk from Oracle cloud native division:

Oracle Global Business Unit Cloud Native portfolio counts tens of products, the customers counts in thousands and the number of end users maybe in millions. Even Oracle recognizes the importance of the Kubernetes which streamlines the development, delivery and operations of SaaS services. Come for this lightning talk to hear how the new Brno CNE team participates in building the Microservices platform that worldwide.

We are looking forward seeng you there.


Tuesday, May 21
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CEST)


Živo U Palečka
Koliště 643 Brno-střed


  • Alexander Demichev

    Alexander Demichev

    Lead Organizer