[Virtual] November Canadian CNCF Meetup: Kubecon NA Recap, Istio Ambient Mesh Intro

Cloud Native Canada
Wed, Nov 9, 2022, 12:00 PM (EST)

About this event

We are excited to host our November CNCF Meetup with two fantastic speakers:

Kubecon Recap and K8s 1.25 - Canadian CNCF Meetup Organizers

Kubecon NA 2022 just happened and what a blast! Come join our Canadian CNCF Meetup Organizers for their recap and highlights.

Istio Ambient Mesh: A quick tour on Sidecar-less Service Mesh - Marino Wijay, Developer Advocate @ Solo.io

Istio Ambient Mesh is a new, open source, sidecar-less service mesh architecture for Istio. Ambient Mesh enables you to reduce costs, simplify operations, and improve performance for applications running on Istio. In this talk, we dive into the internals of Ambient Mesh, how it works, and how still provides all the capabilities that Istio provided, but with significantly less overhead.

Looking forward to catch up with everyone again!



Wednesday, Nov 9
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)