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Mon, May 20, 2019, 5:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

Kubernetes dynamically orchestrates workloads to maintain the desired state of your application. Every time a workload is launched, it receives a new IP address and could be located on another node. This works well for scaling your application and maintaining uptime, however it breaks the current security model that was designed for static resources like VMs and bare metal servers.
Details discussion around Calico, it provides simple, scalable and secure virtual networking. Calico uses BGP to distribute routes for every Kubernetes pod, which allows it to seamlessly integrate your Kubernetes cluster with existing data center infrastructure without the need for overlays.

1. Kubernetes networking review
2. What is Calico?
3. Using Calico for networking policies
4. Use cases and examples of Calico Network policies in action
A. Security use case
B. Compliance use case
5. Questions and discussion

1. Standing up Minikube with Calico
2. Installing and using calicoctl
3. install microservices A, B, and C
4. Implement policies to manage microservice communication
5. Test newly implemented policies with Minikube
6. Clean up and discussion

Kubernauts should come with Minikube already installed if possible
How-to setup mini-kube: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/tools/install-minikube/
Setting up Minikube is easy but can be hard if a laptop heavily locked down we won't have time to troubleshoot that during the training session.
We can easily provide VM in public cloud with Minikube already running on them for folks who want to take part but can't install things like Minikube on their laptop.

About Speaker:
Drew Oetzel, Senior Solutions Engineer at Tigera
Drew Oetzel has been working with enterprise software since the late 90s. Focusing on his recent experience, he spent seven years at Splunk, honing his security skills. Two and a half years at Mesosphere, then Heptio mastering the art of distributed systems, containers, and all that goes along with them. Outside of tech ask him about history, gardening, or what he's doing to try to curb his Reddit addiction!

Food - Snacks will be served.
$100 Gift Card Draw who attends the workshop.
$50 gift Card to the first person completes hands-on labs.


Monday, May 20
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CDT)


233 S Wacker Dr
233 S Wacker Dr Chicago