Calico's eBPF dataplane / Monitoring Kubernetes with prometheus-operator

Cloud Native Berlin

Mar 17, 2021, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Virtual event

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[18:00 - 18:45] Shaun Crampton, “Calico's eBPF dataplane (and friends)"

[19:00 - 19:30] Lili Cosic, "Monitoring Kubernetes with prometheus-operator"

Both talks will be followed by 5 minute Q&A and a 5-minute break.



“Calico's eBPF dataplane (and friends)”, Shaun Crampton

Abstract: Deep dive into Calico's new eBPF dataplane, which is now GA. You'll learn about its advanced features, including its high-performance Kube-proxy replacement that preserves source IP all the way to the pod. The talk will also touch on Calico's other dataplanes; Calico now supports Windows nodes (including in open source!) and there's a fast-maturing VPP port in the works.

“Monitoring Kubernetes with prometheus-operator”, Lili Cosic

Abstract: In this talk, Lili will walk through what prometheus-operator does, the resources it configures and manages. To make the story complete, we will have a look at the kube-prometheus project, which is a set of manifests that allows you to easily set up full Kubernetes monitoring into your clusters and get a complete insight into the cluster workloads. We will conclude with a guide through some examples of how to monitor your applications using prometheus-operator custom resources.


  • Shaun Crampton


    Principal Engineer

  • Lili Cosic

    Red Hat

    Principal Software Engineer


  • Aleksandra Nadolski



  • Benazir Khan


    Event and Community Coordinator