Cloud Native App Development Environment//Enterprise Level AWS Infrastructure

Cloud Native Berlin

Jan 19, 2021, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

Cloud Native Computing Meetup Berlin is happy to host Grape Up's Software Engineers Paweł Chaniewski and Michal Kapiczynski.



[18:00 - 18:45] Paweł Chaniewski, “Windows 10 Nice (Python Cloud Native App) Development Environment”

[19:00 - 19:45] Michal Kapiczynski, "The Path Towards Enterprise Level AWS Infrastructure"

Both talks will be followed by 5 minute Q&A and a 5-minute break.



“Windows 10 Nice (Python Cloud Native App) Development Environment”, Paweł Chaniewski

Abstract: Presentation on how to setup a development environment that will boost your productivity on Windows 10 + with the demo of how to use it by building Python Cloud Native App (Python + Tornado + RabbitMQ & Pika + ReactJS). This talk will cover -

- PowerShell (w/ Terminal) - use it instead of git-bash!

- Docker for Windows and built-in k8s cluster

* Building and running containers

* Communication between containers

* Exposing and testing your app

- VSCode and plugins

* Remote extensions (WSL + SSH + Containers)

- PyCharm

- Debugging code inside the container using VSCode

- Creating k8s deployment

- BONUS: How to take your dev env with you!

* Vim

* Maybe VSCode + MobaXTerm

- (Optional) Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL1 and WSL2)

“The Path Towards Enterprise Level AWS Infrastructure”, Michal Kapiczynski

Abstract: In this presentation, I will walk you through the process of creating an enterprise-level AWS infrastructure. Throughout it, we will create an infrastructure comprising a VPC with four subnets in two different availability zones with a client application, backend server, and a database deployed inside. Our architecture will be able to provide the scalability and availability required by modern cloud systems. Along the way, I will explain the basic concepts and components of the Amazon Web Services platform.


  • Paweł Chaniewski

    Grape Up

    Software Engineer

  • Michal Kapiczynski

    Grape Up

    Software Engineer


  • Aleksandra Nadolski



  • Benazir Khan


    Event and Community Coordinator