Small-scale Kubernetes on a budget & Monitoring Prometheus mixins w/ Jsonnet

Cloud Native Berlin

Feb 20, 2018, 5:30 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

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This meetup will feature 2 speakers (Johannes 'fish' Ziemke & David Kaltschmidt) that will share their in-depth experience of Prometheus to observe Kubernetes (and other) clusters. We'll look at different aspects of the Prometheus + Kubernetes pair in these talks.

We look forward to seeing you for an evening of shared learning and fun.

Snacks & drinks will be provided.



[18:30- 19:00] Arrive and mingle

[19:00 - 19:30] **CANCELLED** Johannes 'fish' Ziemke, "Small Scale Kubernetes - Running on a budget" **CANCELLED**

*** David Kaltschimdt has volunteered to do an additional talk about Prometheus for the first slot.

[19:45 - 20:30] David Kaltschmidt, "Prometheus Monitoring Mixins: Using Jsonnet to Package Together Dashboards, Alerts and Exporters"

[20:30 - 21:00] Mingle time



"Small Scale Kubernetes - Running on a budget", Johannes 'fish' Ziemke

Abstract: [ ]( measures performance and availability of sites and services from multiple global locations and provides the results as Prometheus metrics. This talk will present why uses Kubernetes despite a tight budget and what trade-offs were made to keep the cost down while providing a reliable service.

"Prometheus Monitoring Mixins: Using Jsonnet to Package Together Dashboards, Alerts and Exporters", David Kaltschmidt

Abstract: Prometheus offers powerful open source monitoring and alerting - but that comes with higher degrees of freedom, making pre-configure monitoring configuration hard to build. Simultaneously, it's becoming accepted wisdom that the developers of a given software package are best placed to operate said software, or at least construct the basic monitoring configuration.
In this talk we present a technique for using Jsonnet (a configuration language from Google) for packaging and deploying “Monitoring Mixins” - extensible and customisable combinations of dashboards, alert definitions and exporters. This technique allows developers of open source projects to publish best-practice monitoring configurations alongside their code, and for users to consume it, customise it and stay up to date.



Johannes 'fish' Ziemke (Twitter: @discordianfish): Johannes worked at SoundCloud, Docker and Mesosphere before he started [consulting]( ) and founded .

David Kaltschmidt (Twitter: @davkals): David works at Kausal, a new company working on Prometheus & Cortex. Previously he worked at companies such as Weaveworks, Oracle, and Acme Packet. David has been building UIs for the networking industry for over a decade. He’s recently joined the sourdough train and is now baking way too much bread.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


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