Stateful Serverless//Multi-Tenant Observability Pipeline with OpenTelemetry

Cloud Native Berlin

Nov 12, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

Cloud Native Computing Meetup Berlin is happy to host Ververica’s Stephan Ewen will talk about Stateful Serverless and the Elephant in the Room and Joy Bhattacherjee who will talk about building a multi-tenant observability pipeline with OpenTelemetry



[18:00 - 18:45] Stephan Ewen, “Stateful Serverless and the Elephant in the Room”

[19:00 - 19:45] Joy Bhattacherjee, "Building a Multi-Tenant Observability Pipeline with OpenTelemetry"

Both talks will be followed by 5 minute Q&A and a 5-minute break.



“Stateful Serverless and the Elephant in the Room”, Stephan Ewen

Abstract: Kubernetes and FaaS have solved most of the challenges of dealing with stateless applications. But when it comes to handling state, it quickly becomes “someone else's problem”. Because of that, we have struggled with the same issues of data consistency and complex failure semantics for the past decade. For stateful applications, we are still far from the smooth development and operations experience associated with serverless.

Stateful Function is a new pattern to solve this problem. It uses containerized, event-driven functions with a stream processor (Apache Flink), not a database, to manage the state and handle the messaging between functions. This talk walks through the ideas behind Stateful Functions and shows how this simple framework solves the problem of consistency and failure semantics within and across functions, at the same time staying true to the serverless experience.

"Building a Multi-Tenant Observability Pipeline with OpenTelemetry", Joy Bhattacherjee

Abstract: This talk will cover setting up a multi-tenant Observability pipeline for metrics and traces using entirely opensource projects such as OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Jaeger, Kafka, and Cassandra.


  • Stephan Ewen


    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Joy Bhattacherjee

    Cloud Infrastructure Consultant


  • Aleksandra Nadolski



  • Benazir Khan


    Event and Community Coordinator