First Cloud Native Computing Boston Meetup!


Sep 25, 2018, 10:30 PM – Sep 26, 2018, 12:30 AM

In-person event

About this event

Welcome to the first Cloud Native Computing Boston Meetup!

We're a group focused on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ( and its many relevant projects.

Tonight's speakers will give you an introduction to CNCF, talk about Kubernetes' release cycle, and go over the Tungsten Fabric project.

/// 6:30 - Introduction to CNCF and its projects - Jonas Rosland, VMware

- As this is the first Cloud Native Computing Boston meetup, it makes sense to kick things off with an explanation of what the CNCF is, the projects they host, and the Cloud Native Landscape (

Jonas Rosland is a community builder, open source advocate, blogger, author and speaker at many open source focused events, as well as an Open Organization Ambassador. As Open Source Community Manager at VMware, he is responsible for the growth and prosperity of the communities surrounding the open source projects within the Cloud Native Apps BU.


/// 7:15 - The Beautiful Chaos Underpinning the Kubernetes Release Cycle - Abraham Ingersoll, Gravitational

- Since its 1.0 birth in 2015, a relentless quarterly release cycle has been a key ingredient in Kubernetes’ ( domination of the distributed infrastructure world. Many proud new cluster owners are surprised to learn that unabated 1.xx releases of “vanilla” upstream Kubernetes every three months could continue forever. How do you keep up? Why does Kubernetes API object versioning matter so much? Who even runs the Kubernetes community project? Like RHEL, Ubuntu or Debian - does Kubernetes have a Long Term Support version, a Kubernetes LTS? In this talk, we'll review the historical precedents that lead to this chaotic release cycle and shift through to the tangible bits that matter most for those both old and new to their own cloud native journeys.

Abe is a Solutions Engineer for Gravitational, creators of the popular ssh+kubectl bastion project called Teleport and a snapshot-based K8s cluster packager called Gravity. When not helping teams across the chasm between procedural scripts and declarative APIs with the open-source tools or reflexively refreshing Hacker News, Abe enjoys playing Ice Hockey and building tree houses with his three young daughters.


/// 8:00 - Tungsten Fabric: Open Source Multi-Cloud Networking at Scale - Philip Goddard, Juniper

- Tungsten Fabric (; formerly OpenContrail) is an open source, scalable and multi-cloud networking platform. Large enterprises and service providers are using it at massive production scale, and this session will offer some tips, insights, and "don't go theres" from users with success stories (and some battle scars).

Philip is a member of the Business Development team at Juniper Networks in the Contrail Business Unit, where he leverages his experience across a broader set of opportunities and technologies. Philip has successfully executed mix of direct sales and marketing roles within the telecommunication industry in both Europe and North America over a lengthy career. Philip is a EE graduate of the University of Waterloo based in the Boston area.



September 25 – 26, 2018
10:30 PM – 12:30 AM UTC


  • Michael O'Leary


    Solution Architect

  • Isabella Langan

    Chapter organizer