Cloud Native Computing Bucharest #1: New Beginnings

Adore Me - Intrarea Rigas nr. 31 bis București - View Map Bucharest
Thu, Dec 5, 2019, 7:15 PM (EET)

About this event

We begin our meetups with a special kick-off, on the pains and joys of moving to a cloud native architecture.

1. Moving to Kube and Microservices: The Real Story
Mihai Gogu - Software Engineer & CI/CD boss @ Adore Me

The transition never ends. Monolith to microservices, Docker Swarm to Kubernetes, Kube on prem to GKE, adopting CI/CD and GitOps.
The adventure is not comfortable, but the scars and stories make it worthwhile. Sharing our journey, with the good and bad.

2. Helm 3 is out. What now?
Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, Technical Lead @ IBM, Co-founder of Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community

"The best way to find, share, and use software built for Kubernetes" just released a long awaited major version. What does this mean for us?

7.15pm - Arrive
7.30pm-8.30pm - Talks
8.30pm -9.30pm - Pizza & Drinks


Thursday, Dec 5
7:15 PM - 9:15 PM (EET)


Adore Me
Intrarea Rigas nr. 31 bis București